The Digital Banking Experience in Asia: Part 2

The data your bank has about you, how could they use it to make your life easier?

We are living in a fast-moving digitally connected world where data is at the heart of everything we do. As consumers we are open to giving our personal information freely to trusted brands, social media giants and institutions such as banks. However, have you taken the time to ponder what your data is being used for? Have you ever wondered how your data can be used to make your life easier? And more importantly, do you trust that your data is being used in an ethical manner.

With influential trends driving the banking sector in Asia Pacific such as Open Banking, security, privacy of data, AI and machine learning, we decided to investigate and ask real banking customers what they thought their banks were doing with their data.

In partnership with Tech Research Asia (TRA), we travelled across Sydney, Manila, Shanghai and Hong Kong and interviewed over 100 real banking customers in face-to-face interviews; 3 questions for 1 coffee! Watch Part 2 of 3 to see what they had to say.

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Read our comprehensive report The Future of the Digital Banking Experience in Asia Pacific in partnership with Tech Research Asia (TRA), who surveyed over 2000 consumers in China, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Australia. The results of this research offers guidance to banks and other organizations looking to improve their digital experience.

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