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Enhancing Omnichannel Banking in ASEAN

Delivering a seamless omnichannel digital experience to your banking customers

Meet Mike, a banking customer

Example use case: How Temenos helps banks deliver superior customer experiences

Mike Chan is a father of two young children and work for a private equity firm in Malaysia. Life is hectic for him and he does not have time to look into any kind of finances even though it’s important. The next demo video shows how a 3-in-1 banking app can help him manage his personal, work and wealth banking at once.

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Today’s fast paced world demands the need for an automated financial expert that can recommend and manage the financial transactions for a bank’s customer.

About Temenos Infinity, a leading digital banking platform

Southeast Asia as a region has a largely younger demographic of digitally savvy consumers and a vibrant local fintech and e-commerce industry. This demographic enjoy quick and easy digital experiences for a wide variety of services like Grab and Lazada, and expect the same experience in their banking.

Temenos Infinity is a true omnichannel, multi-experience platform-based product that enables a comprehensive 360-degree customer view, helping banks to acquire, service, retain and cross-sell to customers, on multiple channels and devices using native features. Offering pre-composable banking services – built on microservices and accessible via APIs – the platform enables banks to develop innovative products quickly that bring real benefits to consumers and businesses.

“SHB aims to become a leading digital bank in Vietnam in the next five years. We are confident that choosing Temenos, the world leader in banking software, will enable us to complete the transformation project in the fastest and most effective way. With a modernized and secure system, we will be able to engage existing customers better and attract new customers through a digital banking experience that meets their current and future financial service needs.”

Do Quang Vinh, Deputy General Director and Director, SHB Digital Banking Division

“The omnichannel platform project is an unavoidable step to make a breakthrough in digital business of Sacombank. Sacombank believes that Temenos has the best reputation, capacity, and technology in omnichannel, along with a consultant team experienced in implementing similar projects at the leading banks, financial institutions in area and world-wide, hence, Temenos is able to support Sacombank in implementing its digital business strategy to comprehensively innovate in quality.”

Bui Van Dung (Mr.), Deputy CEO, Sacombank