Sacombank is one of the largest banks in Vietnam with over 15 million customers, and has a customer-centric business strategy focused on providing high-quality financial products and services to individual and corporate customers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. In selecting a new digital banking platform, Sacombank looked at various leading solutions in the market; and after a thorough evaluation decided on Temenos Infinity to elevate its digital banking and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience to retail and business customers. Temenos Infinity will enable the bank to reimagine the way it interacts with customers and meet the growing demand for digital products and services and fast, frictionless customer experiences.

Vietnam is leading the way in digital banking in Southeast Asia. It has a largely younger demographic of digitally savvy consumers and a vibrant local fintech and e-commerce industry. The bank plans to introduce fully digital customer onboarding and origination as well as enhance the service experience for existing customers through digital channels. Offering pre-composable banking services – built on microservices and accessible via APIs – the platform enables Sacombank to develop innovative products quickly that bring real benefits to consumers and businesses.

“The omnichannel platform project is an unavoidable step to make a breakthrough in digital business of Sacombank. Sacombank believes that Temenos has the best reputation, capacity, and technology in omnichannel, along with a consultant team experienced in implementing similar projects at the leading banks, financial institutions in area and world-wide, hence, Temenos is able to support Sacombank in implementing its digital business strategy to comprehensively innovate in quality.”

Bui Van Dung, Deputy CEO at Sacombank