Demand for digital banking has surged in Malaysia since the COVID-19 pandemic, as lockdown measures have prevented citizens from accessing branch-based services. To meet the need for easy-to-use online and mobile banking, financial services group KAF planned a new suite of digital lending services. The group will harness the Temenos Banking Cloud to develop and launch new conventional and Islamic financing offerings, including seamless onboarding and origination, and fast, automated loan processing.

Using the Temenos platform, KAF will be able to innovate quickly and scale efficiently, incrementally bringing to market a full range of digital fund management, investment banking, and stockbroking services. This will help individuals and businesses to rebuild prosperity and recover from the significant economic hardship caused by the pandemic.

“We chose Temenos as we needed the agility and speed of a SaaS solution, and only the Temenos Banking Cloud offered the breadth of financial services functionality to meet our current and future needs. Critically, it enables us to bring together digital lending for conventional and Islamic products on a single platform and seamlessly extend to full digital banking services. With Temenos, we will lead the way in bringing new and exciting digital financial products and services to all Malaysians.”

Thariq Usman Ahman, Deputy CEO at KAF Investment Bank

The road ahead for Digi Banks

Listen to the conversation with Rafiza Ghazali, Director of Digital Banking at KAF Investment Bank, and host Swapnil Deshmukh, Regional Director for Infinity Digital Banking at Temenos talking about the changing bank landscape, customer expectations from digibanks, digibank success, and the partnerships between digibanks and other fintechs.