Temenos is working with visionary Changemakers to reinvent and shape the future of banking.

Making banking better, together.

Making Banking Better, Together

Changemakers are leaders, disruptors, pioneers and risk-takers who believe in changing the landscape of banking by leveraging the power of technology. They unleash the full power of the Temenos technology platform to imagine, create and deliver outstanding banking experiences to 1.2 billion people all around the world.

Making banking better for billions with next-gen technology

Digital transformation lets the boldest banks reimagine themselves – and Temenos is powering the changemakers by enabling customer-centric services and lasting relationships.

Finabank is making banking better in Suriname

Eblein Frangie, CEO, Finabank speaks about the banking industry in Suriname, Finabank’s vision, and how Finabank is partnering with Temenos to make banking better.

Openbank’s plans to grow and provide better banking for the future

Ezequiel Szafir, CEO, Openbank, speaks on FinextraTV about his view on banking today and the role it plays in society, what innovation means to Openbank, and how technology has helped them differentiate.

A Message from our CEO

At Temenos, we have always believed in seeing things differently and taking the less-travelled path to solve some of the toughest challenges our customers face. Changemakers embody this spirit of customer obsession and innovation, and we are excited to bring these stories to you.

Three Traits of a Changemaker

A singular focus and the ability to shoulder the impacts of change is a key element to staying on a proactive, versus reactive, path to digital transformation.

Passion for their customers is contagious and inspires others across all leadership viewpoints to do the same.

They are not afraid to look outside their current relationships to find like-minded people and organizations that can provide vital services in a creative way.

Meet the Changemakers

Varo Bank

Varo Bank is the first consumer fintech granted a national bank charter in the US. Powered by Temenos technology, Varo provides innovative digital banking services aimed at the 180 million Americans currently underserved by the traditional system with a mission to improve the financial lives of its customers.


Flowe is an environmentally-friendly Italian challenger bank, launched to meet the needs of younger retail banking customers who desire ethical and innovative digital banking. With our SaaS technology, Flowe went live in just 5 months and onboarded over 15,000 customers in its first week.

Al Rajhi Bank

Al Rajhi Bank is the Saudi Arabian market leader with combined assets of over $90 billion and a customer base of more than 18 million. To continue to thrive in the new banking landscape, Al Rajhi Bank transformed its banking platform with Temenos, to continue its expansion across the Middle-East in line with local rules, and launch new locations in just 4 to 6 months.

ABN Amro

The banking group, one of the largest in the Netherlands is accelerating the speed of innovation within the Investment and Corporate Banking division. ABN Amro is using Temenos Continuous Deployment to code in the morning and deploy in the afternoon, bringing business change more rapidly and securely to market.

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