ARB Apex Bank functions as a ‘mini-central bank’, providing infrastructure services to 143 Ghanaian rural and community banks (RCBs) to help them grow market share and increase financial inclusion. To provide reliable, scalable core banking capabilities for RCBs, ARB Apex is a long-term user of Temenos Inclusive Banking. With just a single instance of the Temenos platform, ARB Apex supports 700 RCB branches and 7 million customer accounts, with high levels of automation helping to eliminate inefficient manual processes at each partner location. The central bank also uses the rich integration functionality of the Temenos solution to develop innovative new products for RCBs, including the very first EMV debit card service in Ghana.

ARB Apex Bank - Ghana City View

“For the services, we are allowed to offer, there is no difference between what you get at a microfinance and rural bank level and what you get when you go to the investor banks, and that is a great achievement, all powered by Temenos Solution. We will any day, any time, recommend Temenos to any microfinance institution.”

Michael Appiah, Head of Operations

ARB Apex Bank Renews Contract With Temenos for Inclusive Banking