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  • Middle East and Africa

Inlaks is private limited liability company and a member of the international and well re-known Inlaks Group of Companies.

Inlaks has a reputation for professionalism and commitment to its customers. Today, Inlaks is one of the top 5 dominant information technology providers in Nigeria, Africa, with a unique status of Business Solution Provider.

The company specialises in IT solutions that satisfy the unique needs of financial, industrial, distribution, Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors of the economy.

Customer Success

ARB Apex

Founded in 2000, ARB Apex Bank PLC operates as a ‘mini’ central bank for almost 150 rural and community banks located across Ghana. Managing over GH₵ 7 billion in total assets, ARB Apex Bank supports more than half of the banking sector in the African country

Bank of Kigali

Established in 1966, Bank of Kigali Plc has grown to become Rwanda’s largest retail and commercial bank. To enable the rapid product and service innovation that will attract new accounts from the younger generation and the unbanked population, Bank of Kigali, has gone live with Temenos core banking system.

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