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Core Banking

Everything starts with core

Temenos has been providing core banking solutions to the industry for 25 years. There are now more than 700 banks and financial institutions using the best-selling T24 Transact core banking solution.

Temenos T24 Transact is the next generation core banking solution. It is a cloud-native and real-time core banking system which is designed to allow banks to scale quickly using cloud platforms if needed, although more traditional infrastructures are also supported. Temenos T24 Transact enables new products to be created and brought to market quickly. The solution is both broad and deep in its functionality, offering solutions to the Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Wealth Management sectors.

What are the Core Banking system issues

In around 80% of cases, financial institutions run core banking systems they built themselves; pre-internet era systems designed for 9 to 5 branch banking and patched up over time to meet changing technology and customer needs. This has left them with major issues:

Risk and complexity

A typical universal bank runs more than 180 badly-documented applications, restricting flexibility but also creating thousands of points of failure


Banking systems can't keep up with the exponential growth in volumes brought about by the digitization of banking, and soon the Internet of Things

An expectations gap

Customers want financial institutions to perform the role of infomediaries, helping them to make better financial and commercial decisions. To achieve this, banks need real-time, integrated systems

High expenditure and opportunity cost

According to Celent, the cost of maintaining ageing legacy banking systems eats up more than 75% of banks' IT budgets, leaving little for value-enhancing expenditure

The case for core transformation

Digital-driven disintermediation of the banking value chain

White paper

Successful migration is all about choosing the right route

How banks can successfully migrate to core banking transformation.

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T24 Transact Treasury provides Temenos clients with a fully-integrated Treasury solution

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