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Formerly Akcelerant Profitwise

Temenos provides behavior-based cost development and profitability measurement solutions to the financial services industry through the Profitability module. Profitability creates transaction-level profitability measurement to calculate the economic impact of account-level behavior and how that behavior affects net income. Utilizing the information provided by Profitability, customers can make strategic and tactical marketing and sales decisions.


The Profitability module breaks away from industry averages and provides the ability to develop custom unit costs, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of every activity, product and channel combination.

Costing activity is recorded and applied to calculations within the cloud-based application, making cost development and maintenance easy. Profitability facilitates process improvement, expense reduction, channel migration and creation of capacity management strategies.

Key Features

Activities management

  • Automatically import activity data from your core and third-parties, reducing manual input.
  • Establish and monitor actions that drive cost calculations.

Center management

  • Define cost centers based on your institution's organizational structure.
  • Easily evaluate cost summaries by center.
  • View an itemized breakdown of costs, product types, account holder types and more!

General ledger management

  • Automatically import General Ledger records, alleviating manual effort.
  • Free up more time for staff to work with results and manage initiatives based on a solid foundation of data.

Transparency into behavior

  • Obtain transparency into account holder behavior, understand the products they use and the transactions they conduct within each channel.
  • Highlight staff productivity and fully understand the expense of positioning resources.


Actual costs

A critical piece of any successful profitability program is defining a comprehensive costing model specific to your operating and expense structure as opposed to industry averages.

Improved processes

Financial institutions that deploy behavior-based costs obtain transparency about activities, products and channels that highlight both staff productivity and the true expense of positioning resources.

Increased automation

Minimize manual effort using Profitability's automated costing processes, giving your employees more time to work with results and data.

Actionable data
Profitability's cost development features provide the foundation for actionable center-based unit costs and account-level profitability results.


Understanding profitability behavior has become a “must-have” business requirement. Yet while every financial institution needs actionable and accurate profitability information, many lack the time, budget, training or resources to generate and capitalize on it.

Building on data generated through the costing process, our Profitability module develops account and person-level reports and analytics based on person, account, deposit and loan information provided by the financial institution.

Key Features

View profitability processing history

  • Conveniently access processing status and view results displayed using data visualization.
  • Automatically maintain a comprehensive history of reports, viewable by month and year.
  • Process and store all profitability data on one central platform.

Validate profitability accuracy

  • Review and validate data, either approving or rejecting files, before processing begins.
  • Easily identify discrepancies with clear alert notifications.

Compare data file submissions

  • Compare data side-by-side to the prior month’s report by account holder, deposit and loan.
  • Identify the Percent Difference between months and trigger alerts if the difference exceeds your institution’s target.

Analyze results in multiple formats

  • Explore hard numbers and visual comparisons through the cloud BI platform.
  • Generate downloadable documents and raw data files.
  • Take advantage of reports and insights at the account and person-level.


Actionable data
Equip decision-makers with compelling data that will boost profitability, providing behavior-based assessments to guide strategic decisions across products and the organization as a whole.

Increased automation
Minimize manual effort with streamlined processing, allowing employees more time to work with the actual results and data.

Quality results
Be confident in the accuracy and integrity of your results, knowing that data is validated by your institution before the process ever runs.