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The Every Fund Survey 2016

A triple whammy for the asset management industry – market turmoil, regulation and threat of disruption

This year's Every Fund annual survey looks beyond the scope of regulation and the impact of the AIFMD regulatory initiative, the subject of our previous annual surveys.

This latest survey has been conducted in a less stable market environment than previous years and widens our research to examine the factors presenting thechallenges and opportunities for the asset management industry in 2016.

2016 looks set to present the asset management industry with one of its biggest challenges – a 'triple whammy' of market turmoil and increased volatility, a tsunami of regulation and a threat from disruptors that is greater than ever before. To cope with the looming 'triple whammy', the industry needs to adapt – this survey examines some of the key factors and potential blocks in this evolutionary journey.

This survey was carried out in March 2016 and received 125 responses from the global asset management industry, including global custodians/fund administrators (30%), asset managers (17%), third-party administrators (24%) and insurance companies (2%) with regulators, consultants and law firms accounting for the remaining respondents (27%) and a mix of both traditional and alternative funds, including mutual funds, money market funds, hedge funds, ETFs, real estate, private equity, insurance, pension funds, unit trusts and retail funds.

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