Temenos Value Benchmark

A long term partnership to help you focus on business value.

The Temenos Value Benchmark is a strategic survey-based program to discuss the business and IT metrics and best practices enabled by your investment in technology. We are delighted to invite you to the 2019 edition of the benchmark offered to our most strategic clients.

As part of this exercise, you will receive a customized report free of charge comparing your business performance with other Temenos clients including an executive-level summary of findings with business and IT insights structured along 8 banking business and IT domains, across the banking value chain. We will ensure complete confidentiality; peer group data is anonymized such that your bank will not be recognized by any of the other participants.

We will conduct the benchmark on-site as a collaborative exercise to ensure the most efficient use of time of the bank’s resources. Temenos professionals coming from strategy consultancy backgrounds will interview your selected subject matter experts across each of the business domains to collect and validate your data in short focused 1-2 hour interviews. We welcome the opportunity to schedule the visit to your premises.

  • The Temenos Value Benchmark measures business performance along the banking value chain; it is a business as well as IT benchmark.
  • We consider both quantitative metrics as well as qualitative best practices so that we can provide correlations and insights to explain performance.
  • We will compare your performance to a subset of our customers and will be able to offer comparison with a personalized peer group.
  • The benchmark will provide you a view on leading banks and their adoption of best practices, aligned with Temenos’ leading digital banking solutions, providing state-of-the-art recommendations throughout the entire banking value chain. It gives you the opportunity to further leverage Temenos software capabilities and unlock possible improvement opportunities in order to derive more value from your Temenos investment.
  • We will provide key insights and recommendations to your senior management.
  • We would also like to offer you the option of ongoing annual participation to benefit from year-on-year comparison and continuous process improvement, as the program matures.

Temenos Value Benchmark Insight Paper

The Temenos Value Benchmark program was launched at Sibos this year to provide our clients with tangible data-driven insights on the business value enabled by their investment in IT.

Temenos Value Benchmark Program - 2 office workers in a conference room

“The benchmark has been very well viewed by all levels of management and operations of the bank, including IT. We have the expectation that it will allow us to access best market practices on the use of the functionalities associated with Temenos Transact.”

IT Director, Bank in LATAM

Customer Testimonials


What is the value of the Benchmark in terms of how IT supports the Business, Growth and Innovation?

EQ Bank

What interesting findings can you leverage from the Benchmark to enable your Business?

Private wealth technology and banking trends in Asia

“This is a zero risk engagement for me to identify how can I improve my business. I don’t see this benchmark as another sales tool that software vendors offer because Temenos has the right people who are consultants and not sales people to conduct the exercise.”

CEO, Bank in Asia Pacific
Prior Express Consent under the TCPA

“I am quite pleased to see my bank is included by Temenos in their list of top strategic clients for this benchmark program which reflects strong partnership with Temenos, which is getting more strategic as we move along.”

CIO, Bank in Middle East
How You Confirm a Successor in Interest's Identity and Interest

“This whole exercise was invaluable. It is very strategic and brings new perspectives for future growth.”

Head of Banking Systems Operations, Bank in Africa
Complaint Management Triage

“It was a very interesting and engaging session, and you touched upon all the pain points I have today.”

Director of Marketing, Bank in Africa

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