The Disruption House is a
data and analytics provider specialising in identifying FinTech ESG and Business Resiliency risks

Business resilience improves with sustainability. We help Fintechs to demonstrate and improve their resiliency and sustainability using our proprietary model based on recognised international frameworks, and their Buyers and Investors to monitor their performance systematically.

We deliver world-leading insights, recommendations and remediation programmes at a fraction of the cost of using traditional consultancy-led approaches, making sustainability and resiliency affordable for all.

Our ESG and Business Resiliency assessments enable Temenos’ clients to measure and monitor the sustainability and operational resiliency risks in Temenos Exchange providers in a low cost, digital-first manner.

Business Resiliency

60% of businesses fail in their first five years. This creates specific challenges for both buyers and sellers of innovative, high growth solutions. Buyers need to measure and manage counterparty risk. Sellers need to demonstrate their business resiliency to pass procurement.

Our assessments support both buyers and suppliers by:

Demonstrating that suppliers are assessing and tracking key operational and regulatory obligations

Providing standardised key indicators to be easily matched with buyers’ needs and feed into supplier risk management systems

Offering remediation support and advice to help suppliers improve their business resiliency


Sustainable businesses are more efficient by reducing operating costs and lowering staff turnover. They are more attractive to investors and can lower their funding costs. Getting ESG right is complicated, and the landscape continuously evolves.

Our scorecards, reports and advisory services help Fintechs get ESG right in a low cost digital manner avoiding risks of purpose washing for themselves and their clients.

Our ESG scorecards and reports educate, remediate and validate FinTechs’ ESG journey from basic awareness through to strategic planning and execution. Importantly, they are scaled for the size and maturity of the business.


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