Digitize and Manage Your Policies & SOPs Collaboratively on a Single Platform

GIEOM’s Digital Policy can be your golden record for your organization’s policies & procedures. Features like version control, clear ownership definition, change notifications and content collaboration ensure that policies and procedures are kept up to date.


AS-IS Policies & SOPs Uploads

Seamless integration with Microsoft word and PDF to import the AS-IS text SOPs, Policies and Procedures in the platform allowing you to make changes or create new content.

Role-Based Access Control with Robust Tracking

Publish Policies & SOPs with role-based access control and keep users informed on any new and changed Policies & SOPs with an acknowledgement.

End to End Workflow with Collaborative Policy & SOP Creation

Supports end-to-end collaborative Policy & SOP content creation within the platform by inviting multiple stakeholders to contribute towards new Policy & SOP creation or changes with review and approval.

Knowledge Assessments for Users

Build assessment questions directly from the approved documentation to test the knowledge of employees and issue certificates


Intuitive personalized dashboards to view role based Policies & SOPs for the users and one stop shop for Policy & SOP custodians to track and monitor the Policy & SOP status.


Auto insertion of E-signature on approval in the system. No more paper signatures.


Ops Central

Enables Process Optimization by performing Business Process Observability

With new-age business process observability, gain actionable insights to predict, prevent and remediate issues and process bottlenecks.

Ops Central helps in implementing a business process observability solution across the enterprise to achieve TOPS (Total Optimization of Process & Systems). The solutions allow visualization of business processes and their dependency on people, systems and third parties. It also provides a detailed metrics view into process capability against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Business Process Visualization

The Business Process Visualization helps in quick and easy understanding of the step-by-step activity flow.

Complete Visibility

Process owner gets complete visibility of process performance and bring to light the ‘unknown -unknown’ causes that impact process performance.

Process Analytics

Observability helps in process analytics across the process using multiple metrics – KPI, SLA, Controls and others.

Process Improvement

Refine and enhance process performance through collaboration with other stake holders- process changes, micro automation, improvements and others.

Issue Management

Process related loss events and other Issues can be reported across any line of defence.

Remediation Management

Remediation management helps process owners to take corrective actions before the process causes severe impacts


Risk Central

Measure and Monitor Operational Risk & Resilience

Helps Business Teams in Building a Resilient Organization

Risk Central is a technology platform which helps in rolling out a robust and structured operational risk and resilience framework across the organization. It provides features to manage, monitor, analyze and report critical risks and vulnerabilities that impact your business objectives and strategy.


Ability to create risk & control registers, perform RCSA, define KRIs, KCIs & KPIs, measure and monitor inherent & residual risk, ensure risk levels do not overshoot the target risks set and implement remediation and action plans to bridge the gap.

Define Critical business services, resource mapping, set and monitor impact tolerances, carrying out Business Impact analysis, incident management, scenario testing, FMEA- Failure Mode and Effects Analysis are some of the functionalities supporting operational resilience feature.

Objective data collection improves the quality of decision-making. Data Hub in Risk Central with its API framework and blockchain infrastructure helps in bringing data from various systems into Risk Central so that organisation-wide risk monitoring and decision-making happens.

Early warnings of future risks

Faster Implementation with zero coding & easy configuration

Configurable dashboards , scenario analysis and reports


Gieom: Risk Central video

Video Customer Engagement

Realize the Power of Face-to-Face Conversation

Humanize Relationships in a Digital World through GIEOM’s Video Customer Engagement Platform

GIEOM’s Video Customer Engagement is an effective solution for organizations looking to offer a personalized human touch to their customers with utmost satisfaction without the need for physical presence, while also saving costs associated with sending field representatives.


Two-Way Screen Sharing

Both the customer as well as the employee can share their screens. The employee can help the customer to fill out the application form.


A restricted view of the customer’s screen can be shared with the employee to enhance customer support. GIEOM’s co-browsing solution combines the power of web real-time technology that does not require any download, installation, or plugin.

Live Chat

The live chat feature enables the employee to engage with the customer in real-time thereby offering a quick service to the customer that ultimately leads to an improved customer experience.

Meeting Scheduler

This feature enables the customer to schedule an appointment with the employee as per their convenient day and time.

Online Document Exchange

Both customer and employee can share documents during remote conversations for better mutual understanding. This file exchange takes place in a secure manner and documents exchanged during the session are saved in the history of the communication.

Easy Integration

GIEOM’s Video Customer Engagement Platform can be integrated with any third-party applications to deliver high-quality experiences.

Conference Option

Tripartite option allows such as subject matter expert or spouse or business partner can be in the discussion to streamline and expedite the decision-making process.


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