Harness the power of PFM:
Turn insights into actions and improve your digital banking experience.

Become the financial advisor for your customers by gaining 360-degree view of their finances. Put your customers in the driving seat of their financial wellbeing by helping them make informed financial decisions.

Understand your customers’ financial dreams and identify the non-intrusive cross-selling/ up-selling opportunities for new revenue streams through hyper-personalization.


Hyper-Personalized Customer Engagement

Gain AI-driven personalized insights on your customers and drive meaningful engagement with them.

Find New Revenue Streams

Discover cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by targeting the right product to the right customer at the right time.

Increase ROI

Enhance the ROI of investment made in other tools such as CRM, engagement marketing, business intelligence, etc. through additional data points contributed by PFM.

Customer Loyalty

Build a deeper relationship with your customers by understanding and meeting their evolving financial needs.

Data Enrichment

Add additional data points to understand the context and aspirations of your customers to help them become financially successful.


Highly customizable solution to seamlessly integrate with the desired UI/ UX of your digital banking platform.

Key Features

Income & Expense Tracking

Enable customers to view all financial activities in consolidated, clear, and easy-to-understand graphs and visuals which helps them understand their financial habits more effectively and avoid the potholes in their financial journey.

Automatic Categorization

This features automatically categorizes all financial transactions into most relevant categories and transforms the information into interactive visualizations which makes income and expenses tracking more convenient for customers.


Enable customers improve their money management habits by letting them set their monthly budgets for various spending categories and track their performance against them so that the money saved can be put into action.

Peer Comparison

Customers can anonymously compare their financial behavior with peers. Peer groups can be determined by setting demographic attributes such as age, gender, income, expense categories etc.

Saving Jar

Saving Goal

This feature helps bank customers in developing saving habits and achieving financial goals. It enables customers to set up both short- term and long-term saving goals and makes progress tracking incredibly easy.

Group Saving Goal

Hysab Kytab PFM allows customers to create saving goals with their family and friends to inspire people around them for adopting better financial habits. This feature allows the banks to acquire potential new customers while increasing the deposit at the bank.

PFM Statement

Monthly e-statement reimagined with actionable insights providing infographic view of PFM activities highlighting top monthly expenses, expense history, exclusive saving deals, budgets & saving goals performance, peer comparison and financial tips.

Backoffice Analytics Dashboard

Understand your customers financial activities/trends through AI and predictive analyses for empowering your Backoffice team on next best action.


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