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The Ozone API is the leading open API solution for banks and financial institutions, delivering ‘out of the box’ compliance with open banking standards and regulations around the world.

In fact, Ozone API is the only platform designed and proven to support all open finance standards globally; ensuring our customers are able to deploy a strategic solution that scales as they do.

Our software goes beyond compliance and makes it quick and easy for account providers to turn open APIs, including premium APIs, into a profitable commercial channel.

Ozone API empowers banks and financial institutions to adapt and thrive in the new world of open finance. We provide technology that delivers compliant open APIs and goes beyond, to monetize open banking globally.

Temenos core banking (T24) customers can achieve open banking and open finance compliance in weeks, not months. In addition to being open banking compliant by quickly deploying Ozone API’s solution on top of T24, banks can leverage the platform to easily venture into new commercial business models such as BaaS and embedded finance.


The Ozone API delivers out of the box compliance. We handle the complexity of open banking so you don’t have to, allowing you to focus scarce engineering resources elsewhere and ensuring low cost of ownership.

Our turnkey solution includes:

Pre-built Temenos connector to enable fast and simple integration

Full TPP management, including automated onboarding, TPP validation and ongoing TPP support

Strong customer authentication and consent management with an out of the box consent and authentication app or the tools to simply connect to your existing authentication solutions

A comprehensive administration portal and reporting suite for simple channel management and reporting

The Ozone API delivers out of the box compliance. We handle the complexity of open
Open banking delivers a new way for banks and FIs to build partnerships, distribute products and drive new revenue streams, which means going beyond simple compliance.

The Ozone API unlocks this potential with:

Full support for a wide range of premium APIs to enable banks to commercialise richer functionality

A rich reporting and billing capability to support commercial API propositions

The tools to enable developers with simple onboarding, the right tools and ‘best in class’ API performance

Designed to scale, delivering premium APIs built in line with global standards

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