Temenos Reflects on Forbes’ Top Banking Pick

Jeffery Kendall – Executive Vice President of North America Sales and Distribution, Temenos

We’re witnessing a period of exponential change among banks and credit unions that continually improve the customer experience. They’re moving by leaps and bounds beyond outdated technology systems that limit banking choices. Banking pioneers are meeting the consumer demands and providing customers the ability to transact on their own timetable, from anywhere in the world, and without limit to the type of tablet, mobile phone, desktop, or device they choose. This movement is expanding consumer choice and minimizing the need of standing in line at a branch or physical location.

Everyday at Temenos, we encourage this innovative spirit which is illustrated in Forbes’ first-ever listing of “The Best Banks and Credit Unions in Every State.” This tribute to the banking frontrunners and thought leaders in our country, whose mission it is to grow and evolve with their customers, recognizes the importance of modernizing banking. We applaud the organizations leading the banking revolution.

Forbes sought input from bank and credit union members to garner their opinions on their current and former relationships with financial institutions. The study was conducted by measuring the most valuable currency – customer experience. No other metric compares. In this day and age, it’s not all about the numbers and how well your organization competes with others on loan rate or fees; it’s about providing a highly personalized end-user experience, reliably delivered across all channels.

As we look over this list, it is particularly exciting for us to congratulate Temenos’ digital banking customers including Arvest Bank, East West Bancorp, Logix Federal Credit Union, ORNL Federal Credit Union, and Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (TDECU).

We know, first hand, that these organizations have adapted to a far more agile, frictionless, and secure banking approach that results in more efficient financial lives for their customers and members. Our team at Temenos is proud to congratulate the organizations that made the list. They have successfully accelerated the digital experiences through flexible technology that has allowed them to innovate at their own pace. They’re able to design unique customer experiences that celebrate their own unique and special brand.

These credit union and banking leaders are demonstrating that digital tools are attracting and retaining customers in today’s rapidly evolving digital banking world – and, they’re achieving this without doubling their internal IT teams or equipment or by making astronomical investments. They’re leveraging the power of third-party digital banking providers, such as Temenos, and rapidly deploying the flexibility and customization their consumers demand.

As Temenos’ digital banking portfolio expands, we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with the choices they deserve.

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Jeffery Kendall – Executive Vice President of North America Sales and Distribution, Temenos