Temenos for Financial Inclusion 

A packaged model bank solution to rapidly deploy inclusive banking products through digital and physical distribution channels and increase access to financial services.

Temenos Financial Inclusion

A scalable, world-class solution bringing ultimate efficiency to banking to enable financial inclusion around the worldOur solution enables institutions to rapidly deploy specialist and relevant products both digitally and through physical distribution channels.

Go-live faster

Accelerate time-to-market, benefiting from over 20 years of industry best practice experiences into a model solution for financial inclusion. Identify the expected time, effort, and resource requirements beforehand. Functionality and processes are pre-configured to provide model bank templates, significantly decreasing implementation and delivery. 

Process-guided product builder

Create new products quickly and efficiently using embedded best practices for optimal results. No specialist IT skills are required, making creation and maintenance simple and cost-effective. 

Straight-through processing efficiencies

Our real-time Financial Inclusion solution is highly automated and helps you through straight-through processing across multiple departments, offices and countries to mitigate operational and financial risk. 

Prioritize inclusive finance initiatives

Financial services firms have a vital role to play in the transition to a more sustainable world. Extend financial inclusion rapidly using our packaged and integrated solution developed specifically to provide financial services to the 1.7 billion adults that do not currently have access. 

Temenos Financial Inclusion is an integrated banking solution built upon more than 20 years’ experience serving non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs). It provides financial institutions, of any size, access to a world-class solution with pre-configured market-specific functionality. Available on-premise or on the Cloud. Over 280 NBFIs, community banks, credit unions and challenger banks in 51 countries already benefit from the advanced efficiency provided in the solution.



Continuously enhanced


Partner delivered


Measurable Success


increase in back-office productivity 


Enhanced customer service


of clients report commercial viability in less than half the time initially forecast 

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For the services, we are allowed to offer, there is no difference between what you get at the micro-finance and rural bank level and what you get when you go to the investor banks, which is a great achievement, all powered by the Temenos solution. We will any day, any time, recommend Temenos to any micro-finance institution.”

Michael Appiah 
Head of Operations, ARB Apex Bank Ltd. 

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