Retail banking

Real-Time Campaigns

Intelligent, AI driven interactions delivered at the right time and place.

Why Temenos Infinity Real-Time Campaigns

Temenos Infinity Real-Time Campaigns unlocks the powers of Temenos Analytics and AI, communicating the messages through Temenos industry leading banking apps, as well as email, SMS and push-notification.

Open to any bank systems, Real-Time Campaigns sits at the center of the Temenos suite of products, enabling the financial institution to rapidly leverage integrated analytics, industry leading channels and, where appropriate, comprehensive banking data, into effective client interactions.

Product Overview

Right Message

Real Time Campaigns only sends relevant interactions, based on analytical models or customer behavior.

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Right Person

Real Time Campaigns only interacts with qualifying customers, based on deep understanding and segmentation.

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Right Time

Real Time Campaigns triggers the moment an event happens, online and in response to customer actions and events.

Measurable Success

2.4 %

2.4% Revenue/
Customer uptick

93 %

93% of banks rate analytic-based interactions as top priority

Product Overview

Campaign Designer

No-code business user portal to design campaigns and profiles using the Spotlight solution.

Integration to Temenos Analytics & AI

Can integrate to any pre-built analytical and AI models to make use of deep insights or predictive models.

Online Interactions

Messages, banners, nudges and hints can be presented through Temenos Infinity retail and business apps.

Offline Interactions

Uses Infinity Event Management to send email, SMS, and push notifications to customers when appropriate.

Interaction Reporting

Capturing contextual data to enrich analytics, calculate profitability, etc.

Bank-based Triggers

Banking events, or clients, trigger a campaign to be delivered to the customer, allowing the financial institution to interact based on real-time banking behavior.

Temenos Analytics

Combining predictive frameworks and analysis such as profitability and lifetime value with explainable AI to produce models such as attrition risk, next best product and future funds flow.

Temenos Infinity Retail Banking

Accelerate digital transformation across customer journeys – from acquisition and origination through mobile and omnichannel banking – to long term customer retention and upsell.

Temenos Infinity Business Banking

Shorten time-to-market for the most profitable business banking products. Temenos transforms KYC and AML processes into an omnichannel experience, cutting business onboarding time by up to 75%.