Temenos Infinity – Digital Banking Platform

Temenos Infinity Retail Banking

Removes the complexity of day-to-day banking activities through seamless digital experiences and puts people in control of their financial lives.

Powering Digital Transformation in Retail Banking

Power Customer Engagement

Connect and build lasting relationships with new and existing customers. Bring value to their lives with personalized insights and offers based on spending habits across any channel through data analytics. Use AI models to identify patterns in the customer base to prevent customer attrition.

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Deliver Outstanding Customer Journeys

Be where your customers are and deliver a compelling omnichannel user experience. Engage and delight your customers with consistent journeys across every device and channel. Differentiate yourself from the competition and increase brand value.

Accelerate Growth

Accelerate your business growth by rapidly onboarding customers, driving product growth through cross-selling, and increase revenue by capitalizing on new market opportunities.

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Increase Agility

Get to market fast with an extensive repository of ready-to-go features. Have the freedom to align the open and flexible platform of Temenos Infinity to your digital banking architecture. Use any cloud platform of your choice and elastically scale on demand. Simplify the connectivity to any core banking system and implement changes fast while managing application development time and costs. Leverage advanced micro-services and APIs to create your banking apps.

Create Smart Digital Experiences

Create frictionless, personalized, and secure banking experiences to increase customer satisfaction. Use data analytics, AI, and smart banking capabilities to provide actionable customer insights. Drive stronger customer engagement and loyalty through a multi-channel strategy from native mobile apps, web apps, branch to advanced interfaces like conversational banking and wearable devices.

Go Beyond Banking

Thrive in a world of open banking and FinTechs by easily integrating to 3rd party systems or leverage pre-built integrations from the Temenos Marketplace. Create your own digital ecosystem and aggregate data from external providers to deliver value added services and open innovation to your clients.

Measurable Success

9 Months

9 months to go live in 26 countries – HSBC

4.6 star rating

From 2.2 to 4.6 star rating in app stores – Partners FCU

Digital Banking Platform for Retail Banking

Omnichannel Banking

Enable mobile apps, web, wearable, conversational banking and branch experiences. Start fast with over 125 out-of-the-box features for retail banking.

Onboarding & Origination

Capture more customers with outstanding digital experiences that increase satisfaction and drive revenue. Temenos Infinity Retail gives your bank the agility to create dynamic products, support instant decisions and increase speed to market.

Real-Time Campaigns

Personalize the banking experience and dynamically identify opportunities for increased revenue and engaging experiences.

Money Management

Make your banking app the point of focus for your customers’ financial lives, with account aggregation, saving goals, transaction categorization with insights and budgeting. From understanding and managing their personal finances to paying bills and scheduling transfers.

Engage App

Temenos Infinity Engage is a mobile financial messaging tool that helps communicate and build 1:1 relationships between bank staff and customers using a social messaging app that is familiar and comfortable to users.

Scalable Cloud Native

The solution is highly scalable and is built using cloud-native and cloud-agnostic technology. This means that it can elastically scale up and down as required by the varying volumes of concurrent users, while allowing for efficient and resilient operation.

Core Agnostic

Temenos Infinity Retail is independent of the core banking system. The solution uses APIs to support multiple vendor cores, internally built systems, or Temenos Transact. Hosting can be based in the cloud or on-premise.

Distribution Services

API-driven microservices in Temenos Infinity Retail allows separation of distribution from manufacturing, increasing agility and speeding time to market for apps built both by financial institutions themselves and by Temenos and its partners.

You’re In Good Company

Supporting Products

Temenos AI

AI empowers banks to provide individualized, frictionless customer experiences, drive customer loyalty and profitability, and automate processes.

Temenos Analytics

A comprehensive Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence product allowing banks to be more efficient and profitable by providing robust, banking specific, financial, profitability, customer, and digital analytics.
White Paper

Conversational Banking and the Banking Experience

Conversational Banking is the latest customer-centric digital innovation that the industry needs to take notice of. Banks and other financial institutions need to start thinking about putting in place the necessary processes and technology to consolidate customer satisfaction and advocacy.

Latest News

CardRates.com – The Temenos Infinity Platform Empowers Banks and Credit Unions with Cutting-Edge Fintech Solutions

In a Nutshell: The Temenos Infinity platform provides out-of-the-box digital banking solutions for financial institutions looking to innovate quickly. Infinity offers a wide range of features to meet common online banking needs, and it provides the flexibility to modify them to the needs of each institution. Its built-in Explainable AI (XAI) helps drive user engagement, helping institutions improve their market performance and provide even greater value to customers and members.

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