SaaS: The case for building a new banking business model​

Next Generation SaaS Innovation, Governance & Security​

Temenos is a SaaS-first business because of the many benefits that SaaS brings to both banks and their customers. SaaS provides the ability to scale quickly and easily. Temenos SaaS can provide its customers with a lower total cost of ownership. SaaS eliminates the need for customers to invest in expensive hardware or software, as we provide all of the necessary infrastructure.

Microsoft helps develop financial services offerings in the cloud to drive scalability, operational efficiency, and innovation. The Temenos Banking Cloud runs on Microsoft Azure. Temenos is collaborating with Microsoft on green cloud initiatives to help banks see an immediate and significant reduction in their carbon footprint and support them in achieving their ESG goals.

Join us on a SaaS journey and watch the series of three short videos covering the following topics:

SaaS – First explained

SAS first is about how we bring together all the best learning that we’ve had in terms of delivering both our software and our services, and how we now take that forward to the next level. We demonstrate how to implement SaaS to deliver the best value to your customers.

The seven drivers of trust in Temenos SaaS

Our customers benefit from this trust in a number of ways. The single most significant benefit is their ability to transition their focus from managing the infrastructure, and the way in which they manage that on a day to day basis, to how they then can focus on their end customer, and deliver increased value to that customer.  

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Testimonial from Alpian

Get inspired by the testimonial from Alpian, the mobile only digital personal bank and discover how they transform their business by using Temenos Core Banking to deliver personal tailored investments to their clients.