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Temenos Transact
Corporate Banking

Best in class Corporate Banking Solution

Why Temenos Transact Corporate Banking

Temenos Transact provides best-in-class corporate banking capabilities. It offers an integrated solution, which is cloud native and cloud agnostic, which enables banks to create services and offers suitable for all corporates from the largest to the smallest.

Drive Efficiency

Driving Operation and Financial efficiency by means of in built STP, offer templates and pre-built libraries of conditions.

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Comprehensive Capability

Functionality covering Corporate credit facilities, Trade Finance and Cash Management.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded and contextual analytics enables banks to better understand corporate customer needs and behavior and to model the likely performance of new product lines.

Product Overview

Integrated Corporate Banking core system with unparalled functional depth and capability

Corporate Lending

Complex credit agreements can be created and drawn down by corporate customers as needed.

Trade Finance

Flexible and comprehensive coverage for Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee and other documentary instruments is provided for customer employees as well as bank users.

Cash Management

Conventional compensation hierarchies can be established, together with balance sweeping and virtual account structures.


Providing banks with the capability to offer all payment types in a central processing hub with a very high degree of straight through processing. The solution covers individual and bulk, domestic payments, ACH, Instant and RTGS, international payments and SWIFT. Payments and collection automation is available via future scheduled payments, automated regular payments & direct debit.