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Packaged Business Capabilities

Efficient scalability built around a containerized deployment model.

Temenos transforms the traditional approach by breaking down the software into independently scalable microservices that can be deployed rapidly, enabling you to make high-impact changes frequently, predictably and seamlessly, enhancing DevOps capabilities: coding in the morning and consuming in the afternoon. By exposing these banking microservices as APIs in the cloud, our clients benefit from the easy plug and play integration to both existing environments as well as to an ecosystem of partners, developers and FinTechs via the Temenos Developer Community.

Temenos Infinity Distribution Services

Temenos Infinity now includes seven new API driven microservices, enabling the separation of banking distribution from manufacturing and channel functions. Packaged for agile development and rapid time to market, they provide services such as Origination and Onboarding, and Multi-Party services to maintain entity data for all parties of a transaction even if core systems are not available. See full list.

Microservices - Brutalist Architecture

Independently deployable

Components can be added, managed and scaled independently based on your requirements, speeding up the change process. Decoupled services can be written in the best language for the task – all harmoniously coexisting and delivering a resilience not experienced in monolithic systems – should one service fail, the other services remain unaffected.

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Elastic scalability

The microservice architecture introduces highly efficient elastic scaling capability, automatically provisioning resources to perfectly match demand upwards or downwards. Improve the service ROI as overprovisioning resources become a problem of the past.

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Organized around business capability

Services are developed to fulfil specific business objectives needed and desired customer experiences, meaning you can organize development teams around business capabilities, rather than technologies.

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Distribute development workload

The independence of components eliminates the issues of productivity and speed by decomposing applications into manageable services that are faster to develop. Different teams can independently and simultaneously develop components, enabling faster project delivery and better quality.