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Temenos Infinity Distribution Services

Building on its already-extensive set of standalone Temenos Infinity services, Temenos now offers banks these new microservice-based distribution services.

Originations & Onboarding

The Originations Distribution Service manages the business processes associated with onboarding customers and origination of products encompassing business processes workflows, associated rules, task assignment, in-flight applications persistence and fulfillment in one place. Smart AI-driven credit scoring of the applications with full explainability of the decisions is fully embedded into this service offering high accuracy, transparency and automation while accepting/rejecting the applications.

Marketing Catalogue

Banks typically have between 50 – 500 products for sale at any one time. As a customer of the bank, how do I know what product is best for me? This Temenos Infinity Distribution Service is a complete source of system-independent data of product details and marketing content crossing all the banks products, and capable of consuming products and services outside of the bank. Examples include products offered by FinTechs (such as payment devices) or real banking products that can be sold and marketed on behalf of other banks.

Driver less car landscape

Real-Time Engagement for Marketing

This distribution service stores offers and allows banks to utilize AI with input captured from multiple sources to deploy engagement campaigns in real-time. These are used in conjunction with real-time analytics and AI models covering customer attrition, customer lifetime value, next best product and transaction outlier detection.

Multi-Party Services

Multiple systems, multiple customer records and inconsistent data are routinely a day in the life of every bank. Customers of the bank expect one place to go to change any and all data related. This distribution service contains all Party information and structures needed to support sales, servicing and marketing the bank undertakes to provide a central repository of high-quality Party data for Retail, SME, Corporate and Wealth customers. KYC refreshes, Taxation, Groups and hierarchies among parties are examples of information provided in this central data store.

Holdings & Arrangements Services

Designed as high performance, always available, read-only distribution services, this provides balances and transaction details of all arrangements that a customer has with a bank on any digital channel through APIs. Open banking and PSD2 aggregation of external accounts, and the ability to transact over them, is provided by this unique capability of Temenos Infinity. All of this leads to a deeper, more meaningful personalization capability of the data for sales and real-time engagement.

Funds Authorization Service

This service provides the ability to check and reserve funds on an account for all payments that are initiated in a bank before the payment is executed in any core/payment system. This ensures digital payment services are available without any interruption even if payment systems are unavailable. The risk to the bank, therefore, is greatly reduced when banks sometimes, and with legacy cores, operate in the “acceptable risk” zone of when the core is closed for processing.

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