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A self-professed people person and problem solver with a life-long passion for travel, Arti Sogani has found working in customer success at Temenos a perfect fit. Arti currently works out of our Dubai office, helping customers through our premium support services.

Arti joined us back in 2020 when the Middle East and Africa Customer Success team was just being set up, and recalls having her first conversation about the role over a coffee with Chief People Officer, Jayde Tipper.

“Jayde was quite clear that I’d be stepping into something which wasn’t going to be easy, but I love challenges and I love problem solving.”

Arti understands that when it comes to working with customers on complex software integration there are always going to be challenges, and these challenges don’t resolve themselves overnight. She jokes that the role often requires a lot of patience (and coffee), but points to relationship building as the secret to success. 

JP (Jean-Paul Mergeai, President – International Sales) would say, “build a bank, run a bank”, and in the build phase customers have a lot of support, but less so in the run phase…[so] it’s all about interaction – passing along the right message and then getting the work done to find and relieve their pain point. You come to realize that in some cases there is no escalation at all, that it’s really just about increasing a client’s awareness of a situation – it’s about education.”

This emphasis on building relationships is something Arti applies to both her interactions with customers and her colleagues.

After joining Temenos, Arti quickly realized there was an open culture and a flat structure. She found help quickly when she asked for it and forming connections has helped her solve problems and make our clients happier. This is echoed in her advice to new joiners.

When you’re starting something new, it’s easy to get intimidated sometimes, but I think Temenos is the best place to make a new start – you will have a lot of friendly faces around you, so just approach them.”

Speaking about our values, she quickly relates that ‘care’ is at the core of how she works.

I really value ‘care’ a lot because I feel that it’s only when you care, that you can then commit and collaborate. This is really my guiding principle.”

Arti continues to work on improving our customers’ journeys in the Middle East and Africa. She has made an incredible impact since joining the business in 2020 and was recognized in our Temenosian Awards for her outstanding commitment and achievements. 

If you’d like to connect with Arti, you can find her on LinkedIn.  

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