Human Rights Day – Recover Together

Temenos is celebrating Human Rights Day 2020

Kalliopi Chioti
Kalliopi Chioti – Chief Marketing and Environmental, Social and Governance Officer

As we observe Human Rights Day on December 10, let us remember why respecting human rights is a core element of the Temenos vision, culture and purpose. As a global company, we are committed to doing what we know best and creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders, in a way that takes care of the world around us, both globally and locally.

Human Rights must be at the center of the post-COVID-19 world. Only measures to close the gaps created by COVID-19 and advance human rights can ensure we fully recover and build back a world that is better, more resilient, just, and sustainable.

End Discrimination of Any Kind and Address Inequalities:

As a global company with over 90 nationalities represented in over 40 countries, we pride ourselves on attracting, developing, promoting and retaining a diverse workforce. Living locally and working globally, at all levels of the company, we better serve our diverse clients and excel in the global marketplace. By doing this we are creating an inclusive and equal opportunity environment in which all employees can contribute their unique knowledge and experience to make a real impact on the world around us. In addition, thanks to the diversity model we support and the environmental and social benefits of our product portfolio, we are helping our clients transform into smart, sustainable organizations with a positive social and environmental impact, that in turn facilitate their customers in addressing inequalities and combat the COVID -19 impact.

Encourage Participation and Solidarity:
As a global company, we understand the responsibility that comes with that role, by being committed to supporting and enhancing the quality of life of all our stakeholders. Through our operations and our investments in innovation and the community, we have a wider positive impact on the global economy. By driving economic growth, creating jobs, finding solutions for our clients, investing in R&D, offering financial support, sharing our business expertise and the talent of our employees and collaborating with clients and partners, we are making positive, measurable contributions to the communities where our stakeholders live and work.

Through the Temenos Adopt-iT community investment program, we also promote digital inclusion, innovation, gender diversity and equal opportunity through new computer labs, tablets and COVID-19 preventive kits, scholarships and the amazing fundraising and volunteering initiatives of our Temenosians in schools and universities in disadvantaged communities. Guided by our spirit and culture of Temenosity, adapted to the COVID-19 reality and coupled with Temenos technology for social change, we are reaching as many young people as possible to inspire them to achieve more, do better and improve their own lives and others within the communities around them.

Promote Sustainable Development:
As a UN Global Compact participant, we respect and support the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work by integrating human rights considerations into our business operations. We are committed to furthering the agenda for global action on sustainability and advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals through our engagements with the UN Global Compact and the World Economic Forum. We have been recognized as a sustainability leader by Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indices, FTSE4GOOD Index, and other leading investor and client ratings.

As we look to the future, we will continue to embrace our global social role and create sustainable value for all our stakeholders, with a strong sense of purpose, guided by our Temenos culture and values. December 10 is an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of human rights in re-building the world we want, the need for global solidarity as well as our interconnectedness and shared humanity.
To learn more on how Temenos is furthering the agenda for global action on sustainability, click here.

Hear From Our Temenosians:

“While the whole world is recovering from the Pandemic, it is important to stay focused on Sustainable Development accessible to everyone across the globe. For me this starts from the children in school and expands to providing opportunity for development for everyone!”

Bijumon Jacob, Senior Vice President and Head of HR, Temenos

“We can build a more inclusive and welcoming world only if we consciously choose to actively collaborate on improving it each day. Personally, I believe that even small actions in our local communities can bring enormous benefits in the long run.“

Silvia Pavlovic, HR Manager Central and Latin America

“The biggest roadblock to sustainable development is discrimination of human beings based on their color, gender, ethnicity, creed etc… This world and all its goodness and opportunities belong to everyone. We should all stand for Human Rights and equal opportunity for everyone”

Jay Jayanthan, Managing Director, India

“We have all earned the right to survive, against all odds, all challenges, all enemies both visible and invisible. COVID-19 makes no discrimination; the right to survival must not either. We are ALL ONE!”

Nasos Michalopoulos, Group Compliance and Data Protection Lead

“Growing up in a multicultural family, I have witnessed first-hand discrimination, not only towards immigrant families but also towards women. My father was Italian and my mom is Peruvian. Their courage and determination is what has made me who I am today, and why I am so passionate about ending inequality especially for women and in diverse ethnic groups. I saw how my mom had disadvantages as a Latina woman but I am so grateful she never let that keep her down and never let my sister and I believe that we could be suppressed. We need to stand up and be heard, not just for our own families but also for those who are still intimidated or scared to speak up. It is this generation’s responsibility to keep spreading the seeds of inequality awareness so that the future has NO inequality.”

Maria Pulice, Marketing Manager LATAM and Caribbean
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volunteering for kids in chennai

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Kalliopi Chioti
Kalliopi Chioti – Chief Marketing and Environmental, Social and Governance Officer