Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Achievements

As a result of our active dialogue with our stakeholders, we benchmark our sustainability performance against international benchmarks and voluntary initiatives.

The SXI Switzerland Sustainability 25® Index included Temenos among the 25 Swiss stocks from the SMI® Expanded Index with the best sustainability scores.

The Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services awarded the ‘Prize of the Geneva Economy 2018’ in recognition of our long term contribution to the Geneva economy.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) in our three offices in Chennai and Bangalore, India received ISO 14001:2015 certification, covering 52% of the total global employee workforce and the hub of our product development activities.

Temenos was named as one of the Best 2019 Workplaces in Europe
• Temenos Luxembourg: 2019 Great Place to Work (1st place)
• Temenos Greece: 2018 Great Place to Work (2nd place)
• Temenos United Arab Emirates: 2019 Great Place to Work (12th place)