Temenos Welcomes 3,000 Delegates to SCALE, the World’s Biggest Developer Conference in Banking

Temenos showcases a suite of new tools to boost developer productivity and help banks to innovate at speed

ABN AMRO receives Changemakers Award for continuous innovation using Temenos technology to ‘code in the morning, deploy in the afternoon’

Temenos Base Camp recognized as Top 10 Best Designed online communities

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GENEVA, Switzerland – NOVEMBER 18, 2022 – Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the banking software company, today welcomed over 3,000 delegates to Temenos SCALE, making it the biggest developer conference in the banking industry. In keynote presentations, delegates learned how cloud computing, instant payments, open banking and continued cost-pressures will drive massive technological, organizational and business model changes in banking over the next 5 years. Developers have a vital role to play and Temenos showcased new tools at SCALE to support them to make the most of its technology and help banks adapt and innovate at speed. ABN AMRO was also recognized with a Changemakers Award, presented to Annelies Diepering, Engineering Lead at ABN AMRO, for achievements using Temenos technology to drive continuous and rapid innovation, reduce software release cycles to just hours and dramatically reduce costs.

Paul Roberts, Director, Temenos Developer Community & MarketPlace, Temenos, said:

“Temenos is the number one banking software company and we have the largest developer community in industry. We are committed to supporting this dynamic and growing community, providing the knowledge and tools developers need to make the most of our software, helping banks thrive in the new open and digital banking era. Temenos SCALE is the premier event for developers in the banking and fintech world and we are delighted to welcome over 3,000 to our conference this year, which is being held online due to Covid-19. Banking is the most exciting place to be for developers right now and together we see a huge opportunity to use technology to make banking better, for everyone, everywhere.”

The developer tools showcased at SCALE include next generation releases of Temenos’ Common Component Lab, which provides a consistent user view across all Temenos products and Workbench, which enables banks to adapt their core banking functionality in a much more productive, efficient and risk-free manner. It does so by providing intuitive graphical tools for configuring all types of changes, by working with files that can be tracked and versioned, and by supporting automation and best-practices in DevOps.

Temenos also showcased updates to its API platform, which helps clients create a marketplace of services with third parties, including the latest release of the Java Extensibility Framework. This extends the capability of Temenos Transact using Java in a productive development environment without compromising upgradability and security of the core software. The framework includes a simple to use API library of new and commonly used Temenos Transact supported functions and hooks.

Temenos Base Camp, which has over 15,000 members, was recently recognized as one of top 10 Best Designed online communities by community consultancy FeverBee.

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