Temenos SCALE Online
Developer Conference 2020

18-19 November, 2020

What is Temenos SCALE Online?

Introducing Temenos SCALE, our first-ever, technical conference designed specifically for you, our Developer Community.

The SCALE agenda was driven by you. We asked you what you want to learn at SCALE, and the technology and product areas that you selected make up the core of the event content. We complemented this core content with additional topics of relevance and we introduced different types of delivery to create a comprehensive event which, we believe, will cater to your needs and learning styles. This event will allow you to gain the knowledge and skills that matter to you and that will make a real difference in your everyday work.

Temenos SCALE is all about empowering you, our Developer Community, to scale your knowledge and your ability to leverage our market-leading technology to innovate and to drive success across your organisation.

We look forward to seeing you there!


We are excited to give you the opportunity to get ‘Under the Hood’ of Temenos software and technology with Hands-on Labs, expert presentations & demonstrations and keynote speeches, available live and on-demand throughout the two days.

Hands on-Labs: Explore the capabilities of Temenos software hands-on as you work through use cases chosen by you and relevant to what is going on in banking today. You will have access to the tools you need as you learn “on-the job”, and our experts will be on-hand to provide help and pointers where needed. This is the place to hone your skills and develop the hands-on expertise you need to make your developments and solutions even more successful.

Expert presentations: Get the inside track on our technology. Find out what’s new and what’s coming, and see demonstrations of our latest software, delivered by our experts, covering everything from Multi-Cloud / Active-Active to Temenos Continuous Deployment, from Navigating the Temenos Security Framework to User Experience Best Practices for Multi-experience apps. All the hot areas are here for you to discover!

Keynote Speakers: Hear insights from our leadership team and from our sponsors on what is happening in banking and technology today and how this is impacting us all.

Meet the experts: Talk, learn and advance your knowledge through one-on-one sessions with our development and product experts throughout the event.

SCALE Online Site Launch:9:00am CET (18 Nov) – 4:00pm SGT (18 Nov) – 3:00am EST (18 Nov)
Keynote:     9:30am CET (18 Nov) – 4:30pm SGT (18 Nov) – 3:30am EST (18 Nov) 
Keynote:     5:00pm CET (18 Nov) – 12:00am SGT (19 Nov) – 11:00pm EST (18 Nov)
SCALE Online Site Close:3:00am CET (20 Nov) – 10:00am SGT (20 Nov) – 9:00pm EST (19 Nov)

Watch this space for more detailed information on our agenda over the coming weeks!

Why Attend?

Whether you are a developer using our software at a bank, a consultant implementing our software with a systems integrator, or simply a business user with an eye on technology, SCALE is your one stop shop to get the latest technical information on Temenos software. You will see the latest developments in our software and explore how these can help you to be more successful in your everyday work. You will have access to our experts for one-on-one sessions where you can ask questions and get advice. In addition you will also have the opportunity to roll your shirt sleeves up and get hands-on experience of using our software with live sandboxes.

Experience our online labs, working through use cases to explore the capabilities of Temenos software and technology through industry-related use cases.

Discover the latest developments in Temenos software across hot areas including Explainable AI & Data Lake, Microservices, Open Banking & Payments, API Integration, CI/CD and more.

Pose your questions to Temenos experts to understand how to use Temenos software to its full potential.

Temenos Base Camp

Temenos Base Camp is the centralized hub for Temenos developer resources and community, where you can find:

  • Temenos API Catalog: Explore our APIs by product and sign up for an API key to try them out for yourself with our live sandbox.
  • Forum: Need help? Have a question? Ask here and get answers from our subject matter experts and fellow community members.
  • Documentation & Articles: Access technical documentation and articles around our software.
  • Ideation: Submit ideas for software enhancements to be included in our product roadmap.
  • Training: Explore Temenos training and certification opportunities.
  • Events: Check out our monthly Webinars on hot topics.

Register Now

This online event is open exclusively to members of the Temenos Community. You will receive confirmation of your spot at Temenos SCALE Online upon approval. You can get in touch at all times by emailing us on [email protected].

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