Inside Temenos – A Series of Inspiring Career Journeys, Phik Ming Lim

“I have never worked with an organization that is so robust, agile and fast growing beyond any standards”

Temenos – Company

At Temenos we believe that our people make the difference. What we create and achieve is a result of the aspirations and goals of the 5000+ unique individuals that make up Temenos today.

Our people drive real change, and working together as a team is what got us to where we are today.

In an effort to recognize and celebrate our talented colleagues, we’d like to share some inspirational stories from their time at Temenos, from previous employment and from their personal lives too.

1. When did you join Temenos? Tell us about your role.

I joined 7 years ago as Head of HR for Asia Pacific where there were about 250 employees at the time. My tenure with Temenos actually feels a lot longer, as I’ve witnessed and personally experienced many changes, as well as progress in the organization. My role has evolved quite dramatically over these 7 years; when I was hired, my initial mandate was to support the key stakeholders to stabilize our employees’ movement, address ambiguity and harmonize practises across the region. The next chapter of my journey in Temenos was driven by the rapid growth and increased pace of our business in APAC as well as across the technology and software industry where HR is relied upon to lead the people agenda: talent acquisition, retention, up scaling of resources, equipping managers, etc. And, in the recent years, I feel I have evolved into a more commercially savvy business enabler, providing strong consultative service and counsel.

Today, in APAC we have about 500 team members; my primary accountability together with my HR team is to work side-by-side with the leadership team from the business as well as corporate functional heads to support and enable business scalability, efficiency and compliance.

2. What do you think makes Temenos unique (as an employer)? What made you join the company?

Unique is perhaps an understatement to describe Temenos! I have never worked with an organization that is so robust, agile and fast growing beyond any standards; it is actually very cool to be working with a company that has a share price that goes up faster that Google and Facebook! It is also extremely special and refreshing to be working with a very diverse group of people worldwide. Just within the Singapore office where I am based, we have 10 different nationalities who speak close to 30 languages and dialects in total; that is an amazing blend of talent!

I remember that when I received the job offer from Temenos, I had another 2 other offers on the table. I was looking for a role in a medium size multi-national company that is in a growing stage where I can be authentic, contribute in a regional leadership capacity, where my experience and skills are useful & valued, where I am empowered to improve the status quo and frankly,

I was also looking for a company where I can work for the rest of my career. And, as I enjoy assortment in both the breadth and depth of HR, the Temenos job offer ticked every box.

3. What do you enjoy the most at Temenos?

The pace, dynamics, change, complexity, surprises … everything happens ‘yesterday’! I left a very safe, stable, century-old, uneventful company in a high-end luxury industry to join Temenos, because I was looking for challenge, variety and to be part of the growth in and growing organization! So, here I am after 7 years, still waking up every morning and ‘wondering’ what has changed while I was asleep last night.

4. If you were to describe working at Temenos in a single phrase, what would that be?

Enjoy and embrace the roller-coaster ride!

5. If you think about the future, what do you look forward to in your journey at Temenos?

Since my initial ambition was to retire here and to have a role that influences growth, I look forward to seeing myself in a journey with Temenos at even greater heights, where I can continue to play my role authentically, be trusted as a business enabler and to be recognized for my merits.

6. What does the “People Power” Value mean to you and how do you relate to it?

In my capacity, I have to interact a lot with PEOPLE internally and externally, in all facets of my daily work. So, I look at PEOPLE POWER value as the HEART & SOUL of Temenos, our PEOPLE are simply the heartbeat and blood that flows within the veins of the business. The right people (not the best people) are the decisive factor in whether an organization will sustain, succeed and shine not its product, software or technology. Technology and products can only bring an organization to a certain level of success before it plateaus and falls, but the ‘right’ people are the heartbeat that connects all the complex dots in the most diverse space, building trust in the most difficult situations, continuously innovating and making the impossible possible for the company. People Power makes Temenos the leader it is today.

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