Inside Temenos – A Series of Inspiring Career Journeys, Amrik Tak

“Temenos has a clear vision and work culture that puts people at the heart of the company, hence our value People are the Key

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At Temenos we believe that our people make the difference. What we create and achieve is a result of the aspirations and goals of the 5000+ unique individuals that make up Temenos today.

Our people drive real change, and working together as a team is what got us to where we are today.

In an effort to recognize and celebrate our talented colleagues, we’d like to share some inspirational stories from their time at Temenos, from previous employment and from their personal lives too.

1. When did you join Temenos? Tell us about your role.

I’ve been with Temenos since the beginning. I originally started way back in June 1986 with a company called Electronic Banking Systems (EBS) in London and worked on the technical Core product development of T24 (originally known as Globus) in the early days. Swiss based COS Software Engineering and then Temenos subsequently acquired EBS in 1993. I moved to Dubai in 2001 to start up the Temenos Middle East & Africa office and operations.

In my long career with Temenos I have worked in many different roles, from Product development, Client Support, Client Services and Sales. This has enabled me to experience Customer interactions from many different angles and a few years ago, I moved back to Product in Technology to manage the delivery of our new Java extensibility framework and product APIs. I was surprised to see some of my old programming from many years ago was still in the system!

2. What do you think makes Temenos unique (as an employer)? What made you join the company?

Temenos has a clear vision and work culture that puts people at the heart of the company, hence our value “People are the key”!

3. What do you enjoy the most at Temenos?

I enjoy the variety of work, team collaboration and the opportunity to interact with our Clients/Prospects.

4. If you were to describe working at Temenos in a single phrase, what would that be?

Challenging and rewarding.

5. If you think about the future, what do you look forward to in your journey at Temenos?

New challenges to broaden my experience further and contribute to the success of the company and, at the same time, try to use my experience to mentor others.

6. What does the “Customer Core” Value mean to you and how do you relate to it?

Customers are key to our success and products and we should always have a customer centric approach. From a product perspective, I would consider it as continually delivering quality and innovative products to our Customers.

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Temenos – Company