MarketPlace Update: Will You Be Ready for PSD2 When It Arrives?

Banks and businesses need access to a standardised set of APIs that facilitate secure data sharing

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As you prepare your enterprise architecture for PSD2, you might be interested to know that the Open Bank Project, has made use of open-source technology to provide banks and businesses with access to a standardised set of APIs that facilitate secure data sharing.

Their Open API sandbox offers a dedicated test environment for banks looking to provide online product innovation, reduce integration and maintenance costs for new apps and services and perhaps most crucially, test for PSD2 compliance.

Simon Redfern, CEO, TESOBE / Open Bank Project said:

“We are really excited about making the Open Bank Project API available to banks via the Temenos MarketPlace! This brings our vision of open banking one giant leap forward. Kudos to Temenos for recognising the potential of Open Banking APIs”

Aaron Phethean, MarketPlace Product Director, added:

“When responding to changes in regulation, a little preparation goes a long way, so having a bespoke, cloud hosted API environment to work in is invaluable. TESOBE’s API Sandbox quickly integrates into the Temenos architecture to provide secure API test functionality, so you can be sure you remain compliant and keep on innovating.”

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