GIEOM Is Now Available on Temenos MarketPlace

Gieom products can potentially be accessed by over 2000 Temenos clients.

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GIEOM, an international provider of operational excellence and regulatory compliance tools for banks, now has all its products available on Temenos MarketPlace, which can potentially be accessed by over 2000 Temenos clients, who in turn serve more than 500 million individual banking customers.

John Santhosh, CEO, GIEOM Business Solutions, says:

“We are really excited about making the GIEOM Product available to banks via the Temenos MarketPlace. This move is a giant leap in our vision to bring quality time back to the lives of employees in every workplace with our employee experience product that addresses operational excellence and compliance assurance.”

Aaron Phethean, MarketPlace Product Director, commented:

“At Temenos, we recognize how difficult it is to stay in touch with the latest advances in technology. With MarketPlace we allow financial institutions the ability to differentiate themselves, be innovative and provide added value to their customers, be it the user experience, integration to new market offerings, behavior analytics, or many other value add solutions.”

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