Akcelerant Delivers New Account Origination Product

The Akcelerant Framework account origination solution will streamline account openings and enhance communications with new account holders

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MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA – February 9, 2016 – Akcelerant, a Temenos Company and provider of software and services to the financial industry, announced the delivery of the general release of their highly anticipated account origination solution.

The new extension of Akcelerant technology, built to stand alone or go hand-in-hand with the already-established loan origination solution, utilizes the powerful decisioning, multi-channel capabilities and highly customizable functionality for which the Framework solutions have become renowned.

The account origination product was designed to complement Akcelerant’s other robust business solutions, allowing institutions to improve relationships during every phase of the account lifecycle from a central platform. Implementing the new solution will facilitate and centralize the process for current and potential account holders to apply for, be approved and even fulfill prerequisites for numerous account offerings. The account origination solution works separate from the loan origination solution, while working in harmony with lending efforts when applicable, to generate new accounts. This allows financial institutions to consolidate new account holder eff­orts into a single application platform, running decisioning for both debit and credit while allowing different departments to decision loan and credit applications separately. Later, applicants can return to view the real‐time status of their requests.

In addition to the account origination solution, Akcelerant is releasing the newly designed virtual capture functionality for both account and loan origination. Virtual capture drives the optimal loan and account application experience across all devices with intuitive front-end navigation, allowing financial institutions to tailor the application experience. Virtual capture also offers the ability to display fully-qualified cross-sell opportunities or pre-approved offers based on traits of the application.

Akcelerant Founder & CEO, Jay Mossman stated:

“We are thrilled to announce the release of these highly anticipated additions to the Akcelerant Framework”

“The account origination solution is exactly what financial institutions need, not only to boost account opening activity, but also to facilitate interdepartmental cooperation, increase cross-selling and securely gather and store legal documents. The system supports all this while continuing to deliver a positive account holder experience. I have no doubt this solution will not only revolutionize the way our customers approach account origination, but will also transform the landscape of the financial industry as a whole.”

About Akcelerant, a Temenos Company

Akcelerant, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temenos USA Inc., and located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, provides financial institutions with innovative technology that improves relationships during every phase of an account’s life cycle including demand generation, origination, account servicing, risk management and analytics. Today, more than 600 financial institutions in North America are using Akcelerant technology. 

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