Akcelerant Profitwise Releases Cloud-Based Profitability Technology

Akcelerant Profitwise achieves new milestone with cloud-based profitability processing

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MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA – May 27, 2015 – Akcelerant, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temenos USA Inc. and provider of software and services to the financial industry, announces another successful milestone in the Akcelerant Profitwise product roadmap. As a result of Akcelerant’s visionary investments in the product, the data and processing for Profitwise profitability will now be hosted and maintained in the cloud-based environment, Akcelerant Spotlight. The culmination of these enhancements will further streamline the profitability process and reduce manual effort to submit, validate and manage data.

Profitwise offers cost development and profitability solutions grounded in behavior-based methodology, revealing insight into the economic impact associated with account holders specific to each financial institution. As part of the profitability process, financial institutions periodically update the system with additional data to ensure that the reports and analytics produced through Profitwise reflect the current state of the financial institution. The new cloud-based profitability solution dramatically reduces the amount of manual effort required to complete the data refresh and increases visibility and accuracy through progress monitoring tools, side-by-side report comparisons, data integrity checks and alerts.

“In a competitive, ever-changing industry, it is important to understand your institution’s profitability in order to create and maintain an effective organizational strategy,” shares Akcelerant’s SVP of Product Management, Kevin Bingham. “Knowledge is power. Our goal for Profitwise is to empower our customers to make strategic, educated decisions that will enrich their institution with a minimal amount of overhead. These latest enhancements are part of our continued commitment to provide the best user experience and streamline processes while delivering quality, actionable results through Profitwise.”

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Akcelerant, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temenos USA Inc., and located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, provides financial institutions with innovative technology that improves relationships during every phase of an account’s life cycle including demand generation, origination, account servicing, risk management and analytics. Today, more than 600 financial institutions in North America are using Akcelerant technology. For more information, visit

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