How to build a Neobank in 90 days?

In collaboration with Aspire, Temenos hosted a webinar on 28th May

Neobanks need the following three key elements:

  1. Resilience for performance and robustness
  2. Rapid responsiveness to prevailing market forces and fluid customer demands; and
  3. Speed to market

With the COVID-19 outbreak, launching a neobank might seem as if it got all the more tougher. Well, think again! Aspire Systems and Temenos, the banking software specialist, present a tell-all on how to kick start a neo-bank in 90 days from scratch with a light yet powerful technology stack, in any business storm.

What’s in store for you in this webinar?

  • Understanding the necessary roadmap for a Neobank
  • Explore how the combination of Temenos Transact on cloud and Temenos Infinity to kick start operations in 90 days
  • Find out what is the most appealing banking solution in the market and why it matters the most during these uncertain times

Watch: How to Build a Neobank in 90 Days