TLC Engine Explainer: Operations (Back Office)

How can teams rapidly gain Temenos knowledge?
This video explains how TLC Engine is an on boarding solution that can rapidly up skill employees through documented competency levels and certification tools, helping critical transformation projects get off to a great start.


TLC engine is a fully documented end-to-end processed training tool that covers all of your business processes, including long terminal software and manual steps all in one place.

Understanding the role each person plays in every process generates responsibility, ownership and a higher level of engagement.

In TLC engine each process steps shows which colleagues and job roles are involved. It creates a truly engaged team approach regardless of location or position.

As your teams learn and understand new business processes, TLC engine connects all associated regulatory documents attachments and simulation videos.

We’ll help you to customize and configure your TLC engine. Allowing you to quickly amend existing or create new business processes in line with the changing service demands your teams may face.

Documented end-to-end processes, manual and system steps, customized, client specific processes. TLC engine.

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