TLC Engine Explainer: L&D, HR & Change Management

How do we support and manage the change our people will go through?
This video explains how TLC Engine provides an interactive engaging learning platform that can increase engagement, lower attrition and function as a complete training repository for continued learning and on-boarding.


IT change programs have clear challenges. Keeping colleagues focused and positive about the transition they are going through.

TLC Engine is a stand-alone training and business process creation tool. As your teams learn and understand new business processes, TLC Engine connects all associated regulatory documents, attachments and simulation videos.

This accessible, digital learning platform drives colleague engagement and positive user adoption, and once your colleagues are live with their new Temenos system, TLC Engine becomes a complete training repository.

An up-to-date solution for future on boarding. Employee engagement, Lower attrition levels, Training repository. TLC Engine.

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