Video Interview: Kathryn Rooney – The Devil Wears Technology Blog – 5th Edition Part 3

You have 4 children under the age of 8. How do you juggle with your work life?

It is very intense but it is very important to have a good structure at home, it’s very important for women to make good decisions in their life and make sure you find a spouse that is supportive of you. It is very difficult if you have a spouse that perhaps doesn’t envision the same type of woman that you envision yourself to be, so I have that at home and I think that’s absolutely fundamental. And another piece of advice I love to give women is: ”You make your own luck, I don’t believe in luck. You make it; you make your own luck.” You ask for everything that you want, just ask for it, believe in yourself, believing in yourself is more important than what the company will do for you. Go ask for it! Worst thing it happens it doesn’t happen! Go for it!

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