MoneyFest 2020

26 – 29 Oct, 2020

A Moment to Recharge

Agile, Digital, Simplified. Are You Ready for What Comes Next?

MoneyFest is fast approaching and, as usual, we are all making our final preparations for attending this exciting event. However, as with all other big gatherings, at the moment, the event is virtual, so no packing or annoying airport delays to spoil your enjoyment. And it’s free!

Temenos is passionate about making digital banking human again and ensuring it is relevant to customers, whether that is in retail or SME.

We work with hundreds of banks to drive value out of all the digital techniques our software enables. We are collaborating with more and more banks to drive new product development that brings value to the customer.

Temenos is pushing the boundaries of where we can take digital innovation, and that is generating some fascinating projects. However, we are not only merely experimenting with strategy in tech, we are experimenting with agile and design thinking and how we can try to help change the very culture of banks so that they are digital-first.

So, from October 26- 29, we will be bringing you content, insights, and ideas from our involvement in MoneyFest.
We will have our experts at the ready to answer all your questions – please book an online appointment here.

Temenos Cubes: Bringing Innovation to You

New technologies are redefining how we engage, how we interact, and how we do business every day. Temenos Cubes are made possible by a combination of blockchain, APIs, and virtual reality. Using these technologies we were able to create smart digital assets that blend physical and virtual experiences, right in the comfort of your home.

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Leveraging APIs and ISO20022 in Payments

Open APIs have revolutionised mobile technology, and regulators would like to apply the same principles to the financial services industry to make it more open and competitive. The European PSD2…

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