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Temenos Lifecycle 

Issues faced

In light of rapid digitization, financial institutions are increasingly aware that technology investment is critical to developing new sources of competitive advantage. Providing account holders with the best experience while still maintaining efficient operations is the only way to compete. This means financial institutions must differentiate themselves by simultaneously leveraging data to offer consumers the most applicable products, making access to these products more readily attainable and most importantly providing excellent service throughout the entire process. 

What’s included

At its foundation, the Lifecycle Management Suite provides common services such as dashboards, views, reports, workflows, business rules and security that are packaged with business-specific functionality to create solutions for origination, service, collection, recovery and profitability. These modules can stand separately or be deployed in a single platform (working together) to maximize the potential value. Additionally, connectors are available for each module to deliver best-of-breed, third-party integrated services.


Click here to view some of the customer success stories that will help you get an inside look into what the Lifecycle Management Suite has to offer!

Account Origination

Streamline the application process with powerful decisioning and multi-channel capabilities.

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Loan Origination

Deliver instant automated decisions to applicants from any channel for direct and indirect lending.

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A standardized request management system to dramatically improve performance.

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Charge-off, collect on and outsource accounts using functionality for workflow through to reporting.

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Charge-off, collect on and outsource accounts using functionality for workflow through to reporting.

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Behavior-based cost development and profitability measurement on account-level behavior.

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Temenos Lifecycle Case Studies

Read the customer success stories to get an inside look into what Temenos Lifecyclce has to offer!

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Automation Process Infographics

Click below to see the behind the scenes process of how our solutions automatically originate a new account or loan product in less than five minutes!

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