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Multifonds Global Investor

Supporting the full investment cycle

A single, global investor servicing and transfer agency platform, offering the most extensive capability in the industry, to deliver a step-change in efficiency, oversight and control.

Investor Servicing and Transfer Agency issues

Never before has the asset management industry been faced with so many drivers for change. Savers are desperately searching for yield in a world of rock-bottom interest rates, and investors now expect record low fees and consistent returns from the same product. Meanwhile the industry continues to deal with the increased strain of implementing the tsunami of regulation post the financial crisis.

The flight to passive has led to a market where asset managers are having to consolidate to maintain margins and are rapidly being polarised into big, trusted brands and niche specialists. The convergence of alternative and mutual funds continues as active managers’ performance is put under more scrutiny, forcing them to differentiate further from passive oriented investments.

The industry is responding by focusing on innovation in product design and opening up new markets. In return, the investor servicing and transfer agency functions face the challenges of trying to support global clients using local operational models, often underpinned by fragmented legacy systems.

Investor servicing and transfer agency providers need to face up to these challenges and respond by adopting platforms that can support global operating models, not only for core functions of investor record keeping, but also for administration processes for the full investment lifecycle, across all fund types, in all global jurisdictions.

How our solution helps

Multifonds Global Investor provides a single, global platform for investor servicing and transfer agency, supporting the full investment lifecycle of traditional and alternative funds, and integrating all administrative support functions for investments in pooled vehicles.

The needs of the global investor servicing and transfer agency market have evolved in recent years, beyond the core benefits of administering both traditional and alternative assets on the same platform.

Today, the industry is also recognizing the benefits of integrating all the surrounding administration functions into the same solution, to increase operational efficiency, reduce risk and deliver a consistent client experience. Increasingly, clients are consolidating fragmented legacy systems to bring together functions such as investor due diligence, cash management, distribution fees and retrocessions, performance fees, data protection and tax under a single platform.

What’s included

Support for full investment lifecycle

Multifonds Global Investor supports the full investment lifecycle for traditional and alternative funds and vehicles from receipt of electronic order instructions, through cash management, dealing and pricing. This lifecycle is presented through a dedicated dealing dashboard for management overview and tracking.


Investor registration and due diligence

Integrated and sophisticated KYC and AML frameworks guide users through the requirements for appropriate due diligence, not only on registration, but through the entire life of an investor’s holding.


Integrated data protection

As regulators and governments respond to the digital age, data protection is taking on added significance and complexity. Multifonds Global Investor has a broad framework to support the protection of personally identifiable information across the technology stack, supporting global operations from a single platform.


Sophisticated cash management

A highly configurable cash flow matrix supports automation of cash receipts, settlement, payments and matching. Integration to external agents allows cash processing to be automated.

“ We have extended out use of the Multifonds platform to incorporate performance fee equalisation functionality for our global transfer agency business. The platform gives us the benefits of scalability and control demanded by long only funds, uniquely combined with the complexity and flexibility for alternatives, all on the single Multifonds TA platform. ”

John Glesener, Director, Product & Strategic Development & Member of the Executive Committee, EFA

Flexible fees and commissions

Even though regulators continue to strip away the ability to pay for distribution, the calculation and payment of fees and commissions remains a critical requirement. Multifonds Global Investor has broad support for the calculations of performance and incentive fees, distribution fees, retrocessions and commissions.


Inherent support for alternative vehicles

Multifonds Global Investor supports all forms of alternative funds and vehicles and their administration requirements, including limited partnerships, private equity, series of shares and investor equalisation.


Transparency of data

Multifonds Global Investor contains data which allows clients to gain insights and can drive their digital futures, as well as to support regulatory and legislative requirements. Multifonds Global Investor provides access to data through a sophisticated user experience platform, business intelligence reporting tools and a dedicated datamart.


Regulatory and tax support

Multifonds Global Investor supports appropriate global regulation and local legislation and is continually refreshed as regulations change. For example, the platform supports EUSD, the Irish Finance Act, German tax, Swedish tax, US backup withholding tax and UK distribution. FATCA is also supported with Multifonds Global Investor containing all the required data elements and built in logic to identify US and non-US accounts and their corresponding FATCA categorisation.


Automation, workflow and production control

Multifonds Global Investor has integrated workflow, production control and exception management frameworks to enhance levels of automation and to drive operations to an exception based processing model.


Robust, scaleable, dependable

Multifonds Global Investor provides the control and scalability required to support a global investor servicing and transfer agency platform. This includes operational controls around independent authorization and re-keying features on data and transaction processing, control reports, full audit trails and dashboards.

How it's delivered

We bring the scale, expertise and global presence to help clients adapt to change, increase efficiencies and reduce costs, working in partnership to enable them to enter new markets, launch new services and win new business.

We work closely with clients day-to-day, providing expert functional and technical support to ensure they're enjoying maximum operational benefit from using the platform. We follow a structured approach for all implementations, working closely with clients during every phase. A proof of concept is an important first step enabling the customer to fully evaluate the system.

We also support customers at a more strategic level, building a thorough understanding of their business drivers so as to align our product development roadmap with those needs. The roadmap is driven by proactive analysis and investment into strategic product enhancements, as well as specific client requests and new regulatory demands.

Multifonds Global Investor

Provides a single, global platform for investor servicing and transfer agency

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