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Real real-time is the now

16 October 2017

12:15 PM

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto - (view map)

2017 Transaction Banking Survey: Challenges & Imperatives of Real-Time Payments & Liquidity

Real-time payments (often referred to as Instant Payments) is set to become the new norm in banking, but those who already offer it have faced many unforeseen challenges.

Temenos and Ovum, the technology research and advisory firm, have interviewed 100 corporate treasurers and 100 banks across the globe, to provide insights into real-time payments in the real world. With respondents who have already moved to real-time payments or are soon to be developing them, this survey report is a real-time payments best practice guide; offering insight to successfully implement and benefit from this new technology.

The survey serves to understand the 'bigger' picture from a corporate banking perspective; the report provides answers on areas including:

  • Whether the introduction of instant payments has enhanced the ability to improve services
  • Whether moving to real-time payments introduces new financial crime risks
  • The impact of Open Banking, FinTech innovations and increased regulation on Financial Crime Mitigation
  • The biggest challenges treasury departments face
  • Corporates most valued services and focus in the next 18 months

JOIN Temenos and Ovum on October 16th at 12:15 @ the Open Theatre 2 (OT2) where we share the results of the survey. Learn about the changing needs of corporates and their banks, and get insights into their implementation experience, challenges and anticipated future requirements.

This report will help define your 'real-time' business case.

Ovum2017 Transaction Banking Survey:

Challenges & Imperatives of Real-Time Payments & Liquidity