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Forbes Insights - AI and the Modern Wealth Manager

By Aggie Anthimidou 6 Jun 2018

How artificial intelligence is creating a personalized investing experience

Now that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are weaving their way into the traditional world of wealth management, a balancing act is emerging that will define the future of the industry: the blending of man and machine in advisors that produces better service and results for increasingly tech-savvy high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and emerging affluent clients.

To grasp the significance of the digital transformation taking place, one has to dig deep into the minds of the advisors and their clients to discover their views on AI. In this sense, the true state of wealth management today and its future is hidden in plain sight, waiting to be uncovered with questions.

Just what role is AI playing for wealth managers today — and how do advisors and their clients view the introduction of these powerful technologies?

How do they see AI changing wealth management and financial services in the years ahead?

To better understand how AI is playing out on the ground and where technology is leading, Forbes Insights and Temenos surveyed 310 wealth managers and high-net-worth individual investors in March 2018. The survey canvassed 219 high-level executives — a quarter of whom were in the C-Suite, 37% of whom were heads of asset management and 16% of whom were heads of business — at investment banks (71%) and at private banks (29%) as well as 91 high-net-worth individuals (75% had a net worth between £1 million and £9 million). Respondents were drawn across all geographies with more than three quarters of executives from Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

AI and the Modern Wealth Manager outlines the key findings from the research, with commentary from executives at leading investment and private banks

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