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CUNA Technology Council Conference | From Lemonade to Strawberry Lemonade Italian Ice with Chocolate Custard Gelati

By Larry Edgar-Smith 2 Oct 2015

Larry Edgar-Smith | SVP Product Evangelism


Happy Friday, dear reader!

What a week it’s been. We prepare, prepare and prepare for the 18th Annual Operations, Sales & Service Council Conference and board the plane from Philadelphia confident… absolutely confident… that, by presenting Virtual Capture, we are going win best in show. Period. End of sentence.

Practice more in Orlando numerous times.  And of course… it’s going great.

We begin to see the storm clouds gather on the horizon as we attempt a dry run at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort, and find that the AV Team does not have one of these:

Akcelerant Talks_Strawberry Lemonade_HDMI Converter

Official Slimport to HDMI adapter for … LG G3

That little $5.79 device is what lets me show my little phone on a really big screen.

But never fear!  I have one in the technological bag of tricks that I carry everywhere I go.  I bust it out, run to the stage and try it. No luck. The short version, we try a few other devices over the next few hours and finally, they find a way to connect it elsewhere by using a switch box.  We test it over and over again and it works like a champ through the switchbox. The two devices were “In a relationship” as they say in Facebook parlance. All good right?!

Then the speed round started. So excited to get out there and show everyone what all our hard work is all about.

Then, with 3:04 left in our Speed Round, the unthinkable happened.

The Switchbox and the Slimport to HDMI Adaptor stopped communicating. All together. In an instant, they went from the tried and true Facebook “In a relationship” status to the dreaded “It’s complicated” status. Two seconds after that, the switchbox completely unfriended the Slimport to HDMI Adaptor.

Here’s a digital image of that two-second-long eternity – Note the difference in the big screen on the left with the green (good) arrow and that on the right with the red (bad) arrow (bad).

Akcelerant Talks_Strawberry Lemonade_Its Complicated

I told you this part of the story so far in my earlier epistle “Lemons into Lemonade

But here’s the happy part!

We trundled on. Mark and I kept on our script.  We kept interacting, instead of saying “What you see now is…”, we said  things like “What you would see…”, or …”The message that should be presented would say…”. We thought that you, the audience, needed to hear what Virtual Capture could do for you. Even if you could not see it in action.

And then, the big screen went back to displaying the laptop screen and that part of the presentation went well. But overall, it was not good enough for our standards.

We left the stage with heads hung low. Our preparation and practice that lead to that absolute confidence… that, by presenting Virtual Capture, we were going win best in show, was all for naught. I tore up my pre-written acceptance speech and threw it away. I would no longer need it. I walked sulkily back to our booth.

Then, the first customer stopped up and said good job. I smiled non-believingly and answered their questions about Virtual Capture. Then, the next customer: “Hey, that was really good. Can you tell me more about Virtual Capture?” “What… did you not see what happened” I thought.

Then the third, fourth, and fifth stopped over later. I answered their questions.

And numbers six, seven and eight. I started to feel better.

The CUNA attendees forgave us, and many did not care what happened on screen. They cared about what we had to say. They cared about what Virtual Capture could do for them. And that’s quite a lot!

And next day, more folks visited who wanted to see Virtual Capture in action. And then more.

So that batch of Lemons that we turned in the Lemonade, has since been turned into a Strawberry Lemonade Italian Ice with Chocolate Custard Gelati with our desire to continue and provide the information our customers wanted, and with their forgiveness.

Thank you!

In a day or two this post will be updated with a link to an updated version of the presentation using a working switchbox and Slimport to HDMI Adaptor. We think you’ll really love what you see with Virtual Capture.

Post Update: You can find the Virtual Capture Presentation here.

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