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CUtoday | Guess Which Are Most And Least Used Mobile Features

By Temenos reporter 23 Nov 2015

You know the Terms of Use screen on your institution’s mobile app, or any app for that matter? C’mon admit it, you’ve never read it. You have that little sense of guilt when you click the “Accept Terms of Use” button without even bothering to pretend you read them by clicking the link. But deep down you’re thinking, I know I’m not alone. Who could possibly be taking the time to read the Terms of Use?!  And now, thanks to Malauzai Software’s latest Monkey Insights “little-data” report, you have data to back that up! (Spoiler alert: yeah, you’re not alone.)

The report gathered data from 340 banks and credit unions, 350,000 active users and nearly 6 million logins, monitoring how frequently banking mobile app features were used. Topping the list of most used feature wasInternal Money Transfers with approximately one out of every five users having used it at least once. Rounding out the top five most used features in descending order are: View Transfer History, View Transaction History, View Check/Deposit Image and finally, Remote Deposit.

In the article “Guess Which Are Most And Least Used Mobile Features“, CUtoday also lists the five least used features. The fifth least used feature is the Contact Us page. This may be a good thing, hopefully reflecting that most users are able to find what they are looking for in the app without assistance. The fourth least used feature is Branch Locator and the third is the Main Marketing Message. Less than 1 out of 100 users have clicked through to that page. The second least used is the Retake Picture Pay Photo feature, although picture payments have increased 11.93% over the last year, so this feature’s use may be on the rise.

And finally, the least used feature is… yes, you guessed it, the Terms of Use. Less than 1 out of 1,000 users have clicked through to this neglected, unglorified page. See, you’re off the hook. :)

What to do with all of this data? Of course that’s up to you. Perhaps reorganize the app so the most used features are easiest to get to. Or perhaps drop the features that aren’t getting the love. Or do nothing, it’s inevitable after all that some features will be used more than others. Or maybe even spice up that Terms of Use screen with a cute cat video. You get the idea.

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