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Caring for the planet

Sustainable Event Planning

We are seeking ways to ensure that our event planning operates with high sustainability standards

Our Approach

We are seeking ways to ensure that our event planning operates with high sustainability standards, by organizing our external events in a sustainable way and working with event vendors who are adhering to sustainable event best practices. In addition, we are committed to organizing our biggest corporate events, TKO and TCF, as ISO 20121 certified sustainable events.

Sustainable Event Planning Policy

We have introduced a new Sustainable Event Planning policy and linked it to the Global Environment policy, part of the Temenos Code of Conduct and the Temenos Supplier Code of Conduct

Achieving Excellence: Our Journey in Hosting ISO 20121 Certified Sustainable Events

TCF 2024

Our annual Temenos Community Forum (TCF) 2024 at the Convention Centre Dublin in Ireland brought together a diverse audience of executives, product users, partners, investors, press, and industry analysts. Planned as a sustainable event with our ISO 20121 certification, TCF 2024 underscored our commitment to sustainability principles.

TKO 2024

Our annual Temenos Kick-Off 2024 (TKO) in Dubai, achieved ISO 20121 certification. Held at a venue committed to sustainable practices and over 800 Temenosians participated in green initiative by adopting planted tree. TKO showcased how our technology empowers banks and drives positive impact for people and the planet.

TKO 2023 and TCF 2023

Temenos’ TKO2023 (in Mallorca, Spain) and TCF2023 (in Vienna, Austria) achieved ISO 20121 certification for sustainable event planning. By following the ISO 20121 guidelines, we prioritize sustainable venues, minimize out footprint and empower banks with sustainable solutions.

TKO 2022 and TCF 2022

In 2022, we held our first physical global events since Covid, starting with TKO in Barcelona, where 500 Temenosians participated, followed by TCF 2022 in London. For both events, we chose venues and locations that prioritize sustainability, adhering to ISO 20121 standards.

TKO 2021

TKO 2021 was our first internal Kick-Off online event. It was attended by more Temenosians virtually than ever before, significantly reducing our environmental impact by eliminating travel and physical logistics.

TCF 2021

TCF 2021 was a hybrid event broadcasted live from Dubai. With more than 10,000 virtual registrants, this has been our biggest event yet. The hybrid format allowed us to reach a wider audience while minimizing our carbon footprint, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

TKO 2020

TKO 2020

We organized our 2020 Temenos Kick-Off Meeting (TKO) in Madrid, Spain as a sustainable, carbon neutral event, in line with ISO 20121, ISO 14064 and PAS 2060 sustainability standards

TCF 2020

Our flagship event was held virtually for the first time in 21 years due to COVID-19. Delegates attended from all over the world without having to leave their offices. The event followed ISO 20121 requirements, affirming our dedication to sustainable event management.

2020 Corporate Events

We are committed to organizing our three biggest 2020 corporate events as ISO 20121 certified sustainable events

zero waste stand at Sibos 2019

Sibos 2019

At Sibos 2019, a global financial services event in London, we showcased a state-of-the-art zero-waste and eco-friendly stand to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable event

TCF 2020

TCF 2019

We measured for the first time the carbon footprint of our two biggest 2019 corporate events