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All the action from Temenos Community Forum 2024, as it happens. Read our live event blog.

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TCF Day 2

📢 The sun is setting on another incredible TCF, but not before our whole community comes together one last time for the closing drinks. And there’s one big question to answer, where will we be next year? Our CEO Jean-Pierre Brulard addresses attendees to say a few word and reveal that TCF 2025 will take place in… MADRID!

Thanks for reading this blog, we hope you found it insightful. Don’t forget to scroll down the page to view all the posts as they happened across the two days. We’ll be back next year in the Spanish Capital, where we hope to see you in person!

💬 In our last set of sessions, we’re looking at the exciting area of Islamic Banking. Our experts are outlining Temenos’s investment, growth and roadmap for the sector. We’re also joined by a fantastic client panel including leaders from Bank Al Bilad, Meezan Bank and Alinma who discuss their experiences and future ambitions in their partnership with Temenos

💬 Wealth Management has until recently been a more traditional sector when it comes to technology. But now Generative AI has the potential to transform it with smarter search and activity features. At this breakout, Alex Duret, Senior Product Director, Wealth, is giving attendees a first look at Temenos Wealth’s Generative aI solution. This will be followed by an insightful panel discussion with ABN AMRO, Eurobank and Capgemini on banks on AI’s role, current trends, and future opportunities.

💬 Meanwhile, on the Technology front, our Chief Technology and Innovation Officer is leading a breakout looking at key projects and investments being made in the Temenos Banking Platform. They’re also exploring the recent performance highlights which these have enabled. This includes s etting a Sustainability benchmark for cloud-native Core Banking with Microsoft

💬 Also happening right now is a breakout on Commercial and Corporate Banking solution, led by Temenos Senior Product Director Maurya Murphy. They’re discussing how our product portfolio is being enriched to cover loan origination, supply chain finance, and many other areas across the entire business landscape . Benjamin Way, Senior Advisor for Hamilton Reserve Bank and Masashiro Tsubki, Head of Global Operations Planning Division for MUFG are giving the client perspective

💬 We’re back from lunch and into our first breakouts of this afternoon. Plenty of attendees have headed to find out more about Leap, our accelerated Modernization programme. This helps existing customers get ready for the Cloud, while also gaining the best business value and technical flexibility from the latest version of our Platform. Terry Page, Director of Global Client Delivery, is joined by Temenos experts including Sonsoles Perucha, Global Go-to-Market Director. Giving the client perspective is Isaac Owilla from NCBA Bank.

📢 The plenary has now ended for lunch. Our community is heading to the Hive and Temenos Village to network and recharge, before our breakouts and deep dives begin this afternoon. Plenty more to come, so stay tuned!

💬 As the TCF plenary reaches its finale, we’re saving something special for last. Our COO and President, Product Prema Varadhan introduces our team who demonstrate how our AI-powered capabilities can turn personalization in banking on its head. It shows how this community challenges and innovates with real customer centricity to achieve measurable success. The perfect way to round off our TCF mainstage presentations!

💬 We want to make sure we’re listening to our clients and partners so we can continue to improve and drive value for our community. That’s why we’re so grateful to Reg Ravindran from Nordea and Alvaro Ruiz from Accenture for leading the Temenos User Group. Reg and Alvaro are giving an overview of their group, followed by a video showcasing our other User Communities. We’re excited about the progress we can make through this initiative, and encourage our clients and partners to sign up!

💬 Our Chief Marketing and ESG Officer Kalliopi Chioti is now on stage addressing the hugely important topic of Sustainability. She’s discussing how we do ESG by design at Temenos, meaning clients can use our cloud-based platform to become smarter and more sustainable organizations both by reducing their carbon footprint and driving Sustainable Banking models. Kalliopi was then joined on stage by EQ’s Dan Broten, who discussed how we’re working together both to help decarbonize the bank and quantify their emissions through the Temenos Carbon Calculator.

💬 We’re back in Plenary for our Power Hour on Day 2. It kicks off with a Market Update featuring a panel of industry experts and banking leaders. Chief Strategy Officer Kanika Hope joins EQ’s Dan Broten and ASA International’s Rob Keijsers in a panel moderated by 11:FS’s Benjamin Ensor. They’re discussing everything from competition to embedded banking, regulation and Cloud, SaaS and AI.

Our delegates have been up early to get the very most from their TCF experience. They’ve been at breakfasts events, including for Women in Banking and our ESG breakfast co-organized by Platinum Sponsor Microsoft. A group of particularly healthy attendees also headed out earlier this morning for our Wellbeing Run.

👋 Good morning and welcome to Day 2 of TCF 2024!
Our community enjoyed an incredible Gala Dinner last night at the Royal Dublin Society. They’re now spending the first part of the morning networking, meeting our experts and exploring the Hive and Temenos Village. We’ll be back in plenary at 11.30 am local time for more exciting sessions. Stay tuned!

TCF Day 1

📢 The final breakouts have now ended and it’s a wrap for TCF Day 1! Our community will soon be off to our famous Gala Dinner here at the Royal Dublin Society, which has been a centre for innovation since 1731! Join us again tomorrow morning when we’ll have pictures from tonight and all the action from Day 2 of TCF. Bye for now!

💬 AI is back in the spotlight too, as the feature breakout in our auditorium. Our Chief Science Officer Hani Hagras is outlining and demonstrating how Temenos AI is both Generative and Explainable. Meanwhile, Adam Gable, Product for Financial Crime Mitigation, shows a business case. And Alex Duret, Product Director for Wealth Management discusses business value alongside our client Atradius.

💬 As we get into our second block of breakouts, we’ll revist some of the most exciting areas we heard in the Plenary earlier. First, Global Head of SaaS Ross Mallace gives an overview, introducing our next iteration of SaaS, the SaaS Foundation. Then CTO of EQ Bank Dan Broten chairs a panel including leaders from our clients ANSA, Credem and President’s Choice. The panel looks at the mindset it takes to embrace a SaaS service, paying dividends when bringing software live and increasing the ability to deliver frequent and significant updates to end customers.

💬 In this first set of breakouts, we’ve also been looking at how our clients can leverage Temenos’s end-to-end Retail Banking solution to delight customers, create innovative products and achieve operational efficiencies. Temenos Head of Product Management, Cormac Flanagan, spoke to a diverse panel of clients from TS Banking Group, Cooperative Bank of Oromia, City Savings and Capital Bank of Jordan. They discussed how they are partnering with Temenos to deliver value for their customers, now and in the future.

💬 Full house for our Payments breakout to kick off the afternoon. Temenos’s Mick Fennell, Business Line Director for Payments, is leading the session and giving updates on the Temenos Payments Hub. He’s joined by James McMorrow from SWIFT, who is dicsussing the new services they’re providing on cross-border payments and cloud-based connectivity options. Mick is also looking at the Payments opportunities for mobile wallet Zain cash with their founder Yazen Altimimi. And he’s speaking to Banque Internationale a Luxembourg (BIL)’s Head of Transformation Serge Munten, on the payment landscape and future for them.

📢 Now it’s time for lunch! Our community will be spending the time networking and discovering the latest from Temenos and our Partners in the Hive and Temenos Village. We’ll share images of those shortly. Then join us again from 2:15 as we spotlight some of the many interactive breakout and deep dive sessions we have throughout the afternoon.

💬 Our last session this morning is all about Temenos Leap, a program which lets our existing clients get onto the latest version of our software in a packaged, accelerate and low risk way. Terry Page, Director of Global Client Delivery leads this session. He’s joined by Temenos experts, and giving the client perspective is Isaac Owilla from NCBA Bank.

💬 We’re hugely grateful to Microsoft for their partnership and for being TCF’s Platinum sponsor this year. Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Darren Hardman is now on stage. He’s explaining how infusing AI into Microsoft’s offerings is transforming the landscape. Darren is also discussing how, working in partnership with Temenos, the banking industry can open a wide range of opportunities. From elevating customer experience to delivering ESG by design.

💬 Tony now has an exciting announcement to share, Temenos Positions. This provides banks with complex, multi-core systems with a real-time view of all balances and funds authorization data, regardless of the underlying technology stack. Tony discusses the challenges banks face in this area with Banking Technology Analyst Jost Hoppermann, and the opportunities a solution like Temenos Positions can offer.

💬 It’s time to take a look under the hood now as we learn about the technology powering our platform. Temenos Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Tony Coleman guides us through. He’s showing how we harness disruptive technology and work with our Partner ecosystem on the Temenos Exchange, helping our clients be both smarter and more sustainable organizations.

💬 Next is our pioneering Temenos SaaS solutions, where we recently launched end-to-end Enterprise Services. Ross Mallace, Global Head of SaaS and Azfar Karimuddin, Chief Cloud Officer at Temenos are discussing the future, as we launch our next-generation SaaS for banking.

💬 We’re back in plenary from a short coffee break, and moving to the business benefits of our platform and technology. First up is the exciting topic of Responsible Generative AI, where Temenos recently announced the first solutions for Core banking. Here’s our Chief Science Officer, Hani Hagras, giving an exclusive demonstration to the audience.

💬 Next up is our Chief Operating Officer and President, Product Prema Varadhan, who is looking at innovation. She’s joined on stage by our clients Spyros Loizou, Group Head of IT from Eurorbank, and QIK bank CEO’s Arturo Grullon. Spyros talks about how Temenos supported the bank’s head-to-toe transformation program Project Salamis. Arturo explains how Temenos SaaS has delivered a combination of innovation, reliability and scale for QIK.

💬 We’re now taking a closer look at that combination of customer-centricity with our leaders and clients. First up, our President, Temenos International, Will Moroney is joined by a client panel to look at customer centricity. This includes Chuck Kim, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Commerce Bank. Chuck zoomed in on the importance of choice from Temenos, allowing Commerce to deploy solutions in different ways according to their business needs.

💬 Our new CEO, Jean-Pierre Brulard, is on stage.
He’s discussing why Temenos and our community are perfectly placed to succeed together in this next chapter, through a winning combination of customer centricity and innovation. Before that, Andreas Andreades looked back on how far the community had come over the past 30 years. More on its way!

📢 The stage is set and we’re almost ready to go at TCF 2024!
The first block of sessions will be all about hearing the vision, including from our new CEO Jean-Pierre Brulard, as we Challenge, Innovate and Succeed with our community. Check back here for more details and pictures as the morning unfolds.

👋 Good morning from Dublin and TCF 2024!
The doors are open and our community is already arriving for Day 1. We’ve got more than 1,400 people joining us. Stay tuned to this blog for regular updates from all around the conference. We’ve got you covered.

We are on-site getting ready to kick off the annual Temenos Community Forum in Dublin! We are excited to bring together 1,400 leaders for the most dynamic event in the industry. Watch this space for live updates throughout the event.

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TCF 2024

Though it feels like we arrived only five minutes ago!

Day two of the Temenos Community Forum 2024 has come to an end. Thank you again to all our guests and speakers for contributing to another memorable day!​


TCF 2024

EmbeddedFinance and #BaaS are continuing to evolve, and research continues to show that new technologies are the most impactful driver for banks.​

Great discussion on banking trends with EQ Bank | Equitable Bank, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. and our very own Kanika Hope, moderated by 11:FS!

TCF 2024

Such a memorable evening at the iconic Royal Dublin Society!

Such a memorable evening at the iconic Royal Dublin Society! And the perfect historic venue to mix and mingle with some of the brightest minds in our industry and recognize our clients for making history with outstanding milestones as we create the future of banking together.


TCF 2024

And that’s a wrap for Day 1 at the Temenos Community Forum 2024!

Thank you to all of our speakers and guests for engaging discussions and insights. It was great to hear about the advancements in real-time technology, #AI, and #SaaS.

We are looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow!​

TCF 2024

As day one moves into the afternoon, Prema Varadhan (President, Product & COO) and Hani Hagras (Chief Science Officer) showcase Temenos’ groundbreaking Responsible #GenerativeAI solutions!​

Temenos’ AI infused platform revolutionizes the way banks interact with data, combining efficiency and profitability with security and explainability. Our secure, explainable AI solutions deliver auditable insights that are instantly accessible, intelligent and personalized. ​


TCF 2024

The excitement is building at the Temenos Community Forum 2024!

Customer-centricity and innovation were front and center as Temenos CEO, Jean-Pierre Brulard took the stage.

Pictured here: Jean-Pierre discussing the 4 “pulse-raising” challenges banks are facing including demanding customers competition, security and compliance, and market conditions. With a winning combination of leading functionality and the latest technology, collectively we have a bright future.

TCF 2024

What a great evening to commence #TCF2024!

We’re glad to see everyone tonight – both new or familiar faces. We can’t wait for you to see what the next two days have in store!

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