One of Canada’s top-rated credit unions, Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union (SASCU) aims to deliver services that help its 20,000 members to thrive and achieve long-term financial security. But to ensure that it offers just the right products at the right moment, SASCU wanted to gain a more in-depth picture of evolving member requirements. Working with Temenos and Temenos busines partner Clearsight Solutions, the credit union optimized its Temenos Analytics platform by adding the latest cutting-edge capabilities, including enhanced reporting and modeling tools to explore product performance and identify areas for improvement. Using this innovative, data-driven strategy, SASCU is offering members even greater value through highly personalized services, helping to increase retention rates and attract more new business.

“We continuously seek new ways of doing things, and for that we need to fully leverage our data. Temenos has enabled us to enhance the range of products we offer in order to deliver better choice, value, and a member-centric experience. By expanding our relationship with Temenos and implementing the enhanced functionality, we will empower our employees to better serve our members, and fully leverage data to drive our strategy.”

Barry Delaney, President and Chief Financial Officer at SASCU Financial Group

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