One of the largest financial groups in Latin America with operations in the Dominican Republic and Panama, Qik combines more than five decades of banking experience with the operational agility and cutting-edge digital experiences enabled by the Temenos platform. Part of Grupo Popular, Qik launched Qik Banco Digital Dominicano on Temenos Banking Cloud, becoming the first digital-only bank in the Dominican Republic. The launch of Qik on the Temenos Banking Cloud with consultative support from ITSS will enable the bank to quickly establish a presence in the Dominican Republic, planning to onboard up to thousands of people in the first year. With instant access to packaged banking services via software-as-a-service (SaaS) on Temenos Banking Cloud, Qik can meet the emerging needs of digital customers with the highest technological, security and service standards, built around the way customers live their daily lives.

Qik will be able to measure, reduce and report on their emissions with BI data, so that they can comply with regulations, address the changing needs of their customers and reach their sustainability targets. The bank will also utilized Temenos core banking and payments services on a pay-as-you-go basis, as it launches products from debit accounts to savings to personal loans across the Dominican Republic. The open and flexible platform will empower Qik to quickly design and deliver innovative products and services. 

“We wanted to create a bank with agility, flexibility and state-of-the-art technology to improve the banking experience and create availability to banking services to a larger portion of Dominicans. Our value proposition is focusing on people´s needs to maximize their time and resources, which is the demand of today’s customers. That’s why we chose Temenos, because its cloud technology has a successful track record across Latin America and we knew that it could help us deliver a digital experience that redefines banking so that our customers can bank smarter, happier and more connected than ever before.”

Arturo Grullón Finet, CEO of Qik

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