ITSS has encompassed over two decades of consulting and business expertise, serving integrated global banking software services to banks and financial institutions across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

Leveraging a partnership with the world’s most reputed banking software provider, we design and deliver everything from application services, customized software, testing services to up-gradation.

Declared as the Temenos Regional Partner of 2019, ITSS has been instrumental in helping legacy banks cement and sustain their position as leaders by evolving core banking systems to meet changing customer expectations. Our certified Temenos specialists have led many seamless Temenos Transact, Islamic banking, Multi-fonds, TPH and Infinity implementations for financial institutions world over.

ITSS also leads managed services, migration to cloud and system integration specific to Temenos platforms for transformational digital and core banking solutions – with focus on Retail, Corporate & Wealth verticals. Leading the movement towards digital transformation in banking and fintech industries, ITSS leverages Temenos Digital Front Office to inspire customer-centric processes that offer banks the vantage point to better adopt humanized banking practices.

Headquartered in Geneva, our 18+ strategically located offices help us power digital transformation for banks globally. Growing 20% YoY, our commitment to building 21st-century banks starts with unparalleled prowess internally making us also a “Great Place to Work-2021 certified by GPW institute.

Working with Temenos Learning Centre, our teams have earned over 220+ certifications across disciplines for our technical expertise and business acumen. Our Global footprints allow us to scale and meet a wide-range of delivery models-remote, onsite or via offshore delivery centers based on the requirements.

Want to initiate a digital transformation in your bank? Or implement a Temenos solution? Choose a trusted leading partner.

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